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North Market Launches Coffee Roast Festival on Saturday

Walker Evans Walker Evans North Market Launches Coffee Roast Festival on Saturday
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The North Market is already one of the city’s biggest destinations for local food festivals, hosting everything from Grillmasters to Brewmasters and Ohio Wineries to Fiery Foods. This weekend we’ll see the addition of the newest festival: The North Market Coffee Roast, where local roasteries will be showcasing their finest beans, techniques and more.

The management team at the North Market is always evaluating its existing festival lineup and considering new ways to tap into food trends to create unique experiences at the market.

“David Wible (Executive Director of the North Market) and I had discussed the potential of some sort of coffee festival at least five years ago,” explains Mary Martineau, Director of Marketing for the North Market. “So we mentioned it to Ann Leonard, owner of A Touch of Earth way back then.”

A Touch of Earth is the resident coffee shop located inside the North Market, and this partnership became the impetus for what would become this new festival. Leonard utilized her contacts in the community to reach out to local roasters for participation.

“The coffee scene in Columbus is evolving and growing,” says A Touch of Earth General Manager Shawn Slivinski. “There are new brewing methods and barista technics and lingo, and many new roasters are emerging and opening up new shops.”

The North Market is known as a place of connectivity for food in Columbus, and that includes events involving local chefs, farmers, foodies, brewers, wineries, bakers and anyone else taking the culinary realm to new heights. The inclusion of a coffee roasting festival feels like a good fit to its organizers.

“I think that the Coffee Roast will create even more camaraderie and inter-connectivity among the Columbus roasting community,” says Martineau. “Just as I believe the Microbrew Festival has done within the local microbrew community.”

Slivinski also sees this as a great opportunity to help educate the coffee-drinking consumer.

“Hopefully it will also put Columbus on the map in the specialty coffee world,” he adds. “I think we are overlooked.”

The North Market Coffee Roast couldn’t be arriving at a better time. In addition to seasoned veterans including Crimson Cup,  Café BriosoLuck Bros’Stauf’s and Impero, there are a slew of new roasters on the scene, such as Backroom Coffee Roasters, Upper Cup Coffee and Thunderkiss Coffee, as well as some lesser-known Ohio roasters such as One Line Coffee and Silver Bridge Coffee. All of which will be represented at the festival on Saturday.

“The public response to just the idea of a Coffee Roast was remarkable,” says Martineau. “Bits of information were floating out there early and I started getting inquiries about it from people who were just interested in attending.”

Attendees will receive a souvenir mug and a ticket for tasting coffees for the price of $5. Demonstrations and live music are free to everyone at the North Market on Saturday. A home roaster competition is also planned at Noon.

“Since this is the year of our impending doom and also the year of the dragon, we figured it was now or never for this event,” laughs Slivinski. “Besides, most everyone likes coffee. It’s the world’s second largest commodity. Why not come together and celebrate it.”

The North Market Coffee Roast takes place on Saturday March 31st from 9am to 2pm. More information can be found online at www.northmarket.com.

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  • jeffisbiking

    I’m really excited for this. I plan to walk away from this with at least 2 lbs of coffee beans and with my travel mug filled to the brim with my favorite coffee of the day.

  • vespamary

    Thanks for writing about our newest endeavor Walker.
    I’ve got the “new event jitters” and I haven’t even been drinking any java!
    We are really excited to have most of Columbus’ specialty coffee roasters in one place to share some of their brilliant brews and their ample knowledge of the bean. With the impetus from longtime merchant A Touch of Earth and the involvement of so many outstanding roasters we hope that the North Market Coffee Roast give folks something new to “buzz about”!

  • I’ll be there. Can’t wait!

  • FoodFort

    This really perks me up.

  • If you’re still thinking about heading down for this, I’d suggest not bothering. They were out of mugs by 11 am and the lines are too long. We left after waiting around for half an hour without a drop of coffee to show for it.

  • That’s a bummer to hear that you left empty handed. It was already buzzing when I got there at 9am on the dot. I imagined it was going to be pretty well attended. Early bird gets the coffee, I guess! ;)

  • vicvilldoc

    Hoping it was just the first year sydrome as this is a cool idea but it was pretty bad even at 1000ish, lines way too long running into each other and after 30 minutes, 1/4 cup of coffee we left. I really hope they do it bigger and better next year!

  • Polis

    I as there about 11:30. The lines were not too bad at this time but one of the roasters, the bicycle themed one on Lane Ave., told me they were only expecting 1,000 to attend but were nearly at 2,000 last he checked.

    Of course this is hearsay but it was at least over 1,000 since they brought more than 1,000 mugs. I can see this even growing into something monstrous.

  • vespamary

    I can attest to the fact that we were caught off guard by the enthusiasm for this event. I originally ordered 500 mugs. When the first shipment arrived I saw the mugs and thought, “these are so awesome that we are definitely gonna need more!” And I got approval to order another 500 mugs. We were skeptical that we’d use them all. Needless to say, when 1,500 people eventually showed up (and we were out of mugs at 11AM) we knew that (a) we had created a popular event for the North Market and (b) “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”…and more mugs…for the next time we do this. Sincere apologies to all who waited in lengthy lines for their coffee samples (and thanks for your patience) and more apologies to those who did not get a souvenir mug. If anyone has ideas (other than “buy more mugs”) for next year, we are always open to them. Just shoot me an email me your thoughts to: [email protected]

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