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New 11-Story Office Building Proposed for The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans New 11-Story Office Building Proposed for The Short NorthRenderings provided by Lupton Rausch Architecture & Interior Design.
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Local developers at The Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group are teaming up once again for another Short North project. The companies announced this afternoon that they plan to construct a new 11-story office building at 711 North High Street, replacing an existing public parking lot owned by the City of Columbus. The project is being referred to as a public-private partnership with the city, as the existing 45 public parking spaces will be replaced with 125 publicly-available parking spaces in the form of a new garage a block east at the northeast intersection of Lincoln and Pearl.

“This project will deliver what both the market and Short North residents are seeking,” said Mark Wood, President of The Wood Companies. “More office to add to the diversity of uses, particularly during daytime hours in the Short North, and more parking and respect for the character of the neighborhood.”

If constructed as currently planned, the new building will contain primarily Class A commercial office space, with views of Goodale Park to the west and the Downtown skyline to the south. The building is expected to include some structured parking, a ground floor retail space for a restaurant, and room for a rooftop bar/restaurant as well. The developers stated that early discussions are already under way with the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Group to potentially operate the restaurant in addition to leasing office space for a relocated headquarters for the company.

The new parking garage located at the intersection of Lincoln and Pearl will sit in Italian Village, and will also include residences facing Lincoln Street to integrate with the existing fabric of the neighborhood.

The proposal for the new development will be presented to both Victorian Village and Italian Village commissions within the next few weeks for feedback.

The Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group are jointly working on other developments in the Short North, including Hubbard Park Place, Parkside on Pearl, and the renovation of The Diplomat — the new name given to the historic building located at the intersection of Buttles Avenue and High Street.

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All renderings provided by Lupton Rausch Architecture & Interior Design.






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  • MichaelC

    Way to wrap up the workday with a scoop!

    Exciting aspects of this proposal:

    1) A rooftop bar/restaurant, at last, in the SN.
    2) Filling up another surface lot while simultaneously adding to the net # of parking spaces.
    3) Street-level retail.
    4) Approx. 9 floors of officeworkers will benefit area businesses during the workday.

    1) How much are they going to pay for the parking lot? Hopefully more than $1.
    2) Timeline?
    3) Will the garage be started and completed before they break ground on the office building in order to alleviate inevitable parking concerns?

    • ohbr

      The garage and building appear to be one in the same so the question may be will the garage be functional while they finish the rest of the building above.

      And yes, will the city be getting more than $1 or is the ‘Public/Private’ part mean the city will own the land and receive the funds from parking and leasing the land? Or will they just own it for a short time before signing over the entire prosperty when things are quiet?

      • ohbr

        My apologies. I misread the parking garage details.

      • chaking

        The parking garage is said to be at lincoln and pearl, which would be separate. Also it said it will have housing on lincoln incorporated into the project, so that will be nice to see. I don’t think the designs are available yet though.

  • jimmy1893

    Funny how this can be proposed in the Short North where parking is already crazy, but it can’t be done on North High Street in the middle of downtown where they can only build a six story building!

    • Zyro

      More reason for other methods of transport into the Short North!

  • [email protected]

    First I love this project. But it will never get through the Victorian Village commission as is. VVC will probably recommend a height reduction to make the proposal comparable to the Jackson building or White Castle proposal. With 4 or 5 stories along high and a recessed tower with more stories. It’s a shame, I wish they would leave as is.

    • The White Castle building is also 11 stories. Not sure of specific heights (in feet) but I imagine they’re similar.

      • [email protected]

        Has White Castle been approved though? Last I heard they had to regroup with fewer stories right on high street.

        • Last design I saw had 7 stories on the corner, but it still stepped up to 11 toward the northwest corner of the site:


          Hasn’t been approved, but I don’t think the VV Commission has any big issue with density on High Street. That’s the place for it.

          • King Gambrinus

            I think part of the issue with the white castle building is massing. That building feels like an entire gigantic block. I know they’ve stepped it back, but it just feels hulking. I would hope this building would have an easier time since it’s a more slender tower. It’s a lot better looking in my opinion and the fascade on the first four stories integrates really well into the existing streetscape.

  • heresthecasey

    I love everything about this except for the ground floor retail being another restaurant, not to mention another Cameron Mitchell restaurant.

    There needs to be a greater diversity of retail uses at ground level along High St throughout the SN.

  • WJT

    From what I gather, The proposal looks like 7 levels of office above the ground floor and parking, with the top floor being the restaurant/bar? They said a ground floor restaurant as well, so will the Mitchell place be on the top floor or ground floor I wonder?

    I don’t care one bit if they sell the lot for $1.00-if it helps projects like this get off the ground, and adds public structured parking replacing a surface lot with a net gain in spaces (and let’s not forget the residential component of the garage space facing Lincoln).

    Tall, office, rooftop bar/restaurant, residential, structured parking…all replacing two surface parking lots. Build it now!

    I will CUT any NIMBY’S who try to ruin this or get this downsized!!!!! ;)

  • goldenidea

    I can’t easily confirm this, but I believe the VV Commission forced Puzzuti to reduce the number of stories in both the Jackson and Meridian. Like others here, I hope that doesn’t happen with this development. Keep it 11 stories.

  • Taz Devil

    Just what the Short North residents are SEEKING. Yes, more overpriced restaurants. Can’t wait!


    Overall, it seems good:

    * The building seems to be free of red bricks and a building disguised as many small buildings. It’s not the most fascinating piece of architecture, but it will break the monotony of recently built buildings.

    * It has the potential to land 1 large employer. (11 stories + signage + parking)

  • paul.szuter

    This would be another amazing addition to the Short North! Looks great.

  • Any clue who the architect is? Or did I miss that?

    • Lupton Rausch Architecture & Interior Design.

      The original release didn’t mention it, and I just got confirmation this morning, so the article has been updated. ;)

  • AlecKing

    Blatant imitation of the Joseph with some added pastiche at the base, and the saddest misuse of Photoshop filters. Hello 1990s!

    • WJT

      Well if you are going to ‘rip off’ a building, the Joseph is the one to pick. I think the similarity will be a good thing and help connect the district. And I don’t get the ‘photoshop filters’-these are renderings….?

      Also, do the last two renderings give heights along with the floors to the right of the buildings and if so, is there any way to see what they are?

      • Roof level is 163 feet.

        • WJT

          Is that the elevation at the top line on the rendering? (too small for me to read it)?

          Can you tell what the floor to floor heights are for the office section? (I am assuming that those markings are the elevation levels?) thanks. I just like to know these things if possible. ;)

          Is there a way to view those two renderings in a higher resolution/larger image?

      • combs1ng

        Now all we need is a 10-12 story building erected in the Short North with a scarlet exterior. I can here the band already…

    • King Gambrinus

      It’s ripping off the Joseph because it’s tall?

      Well I guess it is kinda grayish too, so there’s that.

  • Rahburts

    I think the building fits. My only issue is if they are going to use the Pearl Alley/Lincoln lot to build a garage, I hope they do something similar to the Hubbard garage and wrap it with residential. I’ve been waiting for this to be a large residential building for quite some time and to just be used as a garage is a waste of space IMO.

    • I_am_Father_McKenzie

      It will have residential facing Lincoln. Similar to the Hubbard garage.

    • aculbie

      The article states there will be a residential component that faces Lincoln, which should mask the parking element.

  • Rahburts

    awesome- this is probably why I shouldnt work and read articles at the same time. Must have missed that part.

  • chaserdanger

    This looks great and actually looks like it fits right in. All for it.

  • JMan

    I just love everything about this project. And it’s a good fit- especially with the Joseph nearby. Wish I could make a time travel visit to Columbus’ future to see all these buildings come online. How vibrant we will be!

  • I love how dense the Short North in becoming. It’s phenomenal. I thought we were running out of room but getting rid of another surface lot is great! I agree with Michael C regarding the rooftop dining, at long last!

  • GRamsey

    This is awesome news!
    I remember back in the 90s and 2000’s homeless guys would stand at the entrance of this parking lot on high and tell people pulling in that they had to pay them to park there (acting as parking attendants).
    Out of towners would cough up the cash, only to pull in and see the meters.
    Glad to see this gap filled.

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