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New Driving Park Library Announced

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Driving Park Library Announced
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The Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) Board of Trustees voted today to approve the purchase of land at 1422 East Livingston Avenue to construction a new $6 million Driving Park Branch. The old neighborhood library located at 1566 East Livingston Avenue, was built in 1972 and is one of several that the CML is planning to upgrade or rebuilding by the year 2020.

“This new building is one of the most substantive investments in Driving Park in a generation,” said Columbus Metropolitan Library CEO Pat Losinski. “We’re not just building new facilities, we’re meeting our communities’ needs now and in the future with inspiring spaces.”

The modern new 15,000 square foot building, designed by NBBJ, would double the size of the old location. The new and improved branch would provide dedicated space for its Homework Help Center, spaces for teenage library patrons, and larger meeting rooms.

The new Driving Park Branch is scheduled to break ground in 2013 and open in 2014.

More information can be found online at www.columbuslibrary.org/locations/Driving_Park.

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  • heresthecasey

    Glad to see CML continuing to invest in neighborhoods. The new Linden branch opened a few years ago was a great improvement. And Driving Park is definitely in need of new/expanded facilities.

  • jpizzow

    Wow. That’s beautiful.

  • columbusmike

    I’d like to see how this connects to the neighborhood. I’m all for public buildings being different….but this may have been better served building up to the street to reinforce the neighborhood character.

  • MHJ

    @columbusmike when is the last time you drove down Livingston Avenue? Reinforcing the neighborhood character is the last thing you want to happen on that corridor. You’ve got a bunch of carry-outs, corner stores, and abandoned buildings between Nelson Road and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital campus.

    From the looks of it on Google Maps, this will actually displace a dollar store.

    This is EXTREMELY positive news for the area. There’s literally no downside to it whatsoever.

  • @columbusmike – just out of curiosity – what about the above image would suggest this doesn’t build up to the street? Assuming we are looking at it across Livingston…

  • mrsgeedeck

    Completely agree with you @MHJ, this is great news for that neighborhood. I know a few years back the City invested in remodeling the old Rickenbacker house a few blocks west of this location, and while it was a good effort, it wasn’t enough to make any critical change to that corridor. While that dollar store isn’t the worst building on Livingston (yellow church on the corner anyone?) this is a better use of the lot overall.
    Really happy that CML was able to secure land on Livingston.

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