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New Columbus Chefs: Angela Theado

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Columbus Chefs: Angela Theado
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Over the next few weeks, Columbus Underground is taking a look at some of the amazing young talent in the kitchens of your favorite local restaurants, food trucks and other dining establishments in the relaunch of our series known as “New Columbus Chefs“.

When we last spoke with Chef Angela Theado three years ago, she was honing her skills at Alana’s and told us at the time that her dream job consisted of “anything fusing culinary and agricultural pursuits”. Since then, she’s worked toward that goal by launching The Coop, a popular chicken-and-egg themed food truck, in September of 2011. We caught up with Angela recently to learn more about what she’s been doing over the past three years.

Name: Angela C. Theado
Age: 31
Current Job: Owner/Operator/Chef at The Coop

Can you tell us about your training/educational experience?

I completed the chef-apprentice program at Columbus State Community College, and studied under Chris Dominic at Bravo.

Can you tell us about your professional kitchen experience?

I’ve worked at Bravo!, was the Sous Chef at the Elevator, and a Grill Cook at Alana’s.

What is your favorite cuisine to cook?

New American.

What is your favorite cuisine to eat?


What one kitchen utensil/tool could you never live without?

My 10 inch chef knife.

What’s your favorite cookbook?

I could never pick just one.

What is your favorite Columbus restaurant (besides your own)?


Who are your inspirational figures in the culinary world?

Alana Shock and Jon Mason.

What is your dream job?

Opening a destination restaurant on my own farm.

What do you think about the culinary scene in Columbus?

I really like the farm to table practices that are bubbling to the surface.

What do you think about the “foodie” scene in Columbus?

The foodies were my early adopters, and I hear about great new food from them. Without the foodies, a lot of chefs would be out of business in this town.

Tell us one food-related fact about yourself that few people know.

My very first kitchen job was at the Varsity Club. I told my Dad that I wanted to be a chef and he got me the job since he knew the management. Now that I think about it he was probably trying to scare me away from the industry, but it backfired and he is now one of my biggest fans.

To sample some of Chef Angela Theado’s cuisine, head to www.coopontherun.com.

Photo by Chris Walker Photography.

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  • 0Angle

    Did she reopen in a new location? I miss her and I miss The Coop. My 5 year old misses the pickled eggs.

  • tolemac5050

    I called THE COOP late Sept and they said they were closed for the season…shame

  • 0Angle

    A new baby will do that.

  • Kahiki

    She said on Facebook that she’ll be operating at the Hey Hey during the winter, and then possibly plans to move back to Clintonville when the weather improves.

  • FoodFort

    Angie is awesome. Let’s hope to have her back in the ville for 2013.

  • Here’s an update that you all might like:
    The Coop
    Next week is a great time to come to The Hey Hey…you can see this freshly discovered ghost sign and we will be opening the kitchen on Thursday the 17th at four o’clock. The menú will include yak burgers, turducken tacos, French omelette BLT, smoked turkey dan dan noodles, duck confit and more! So come see us!

  • The Coop – “Our hours at the Hey Hey…Thursday thru Saturday 4pm to 11pm.
    We will be adding days and expanding our hours by spring. See you all soon!”

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