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MORPC to Relocate Downtown from Brewery District

Walker Evans Walker Evans MORPC to Relocate Downtown from Brewery District
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The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) announced this afternoon that the organization will be purchasing the building located at 99 E. Main Street in Downtown Columbus, where it plans to relocate in November 2012. This building was the previous home of planning firm Karlsberger, which closed in June.

MORPC has been located in The Brewery District since 2007 when they moved into their current facilities at 111 Liberty Street, with long term plans to eventually purchase a building for a dedicated headquarters.

“Currently it’s the belief of the Building Committee and key staff that this building will fit the needs of MORPC long into the future,” says Bill Yaple, MORPC Building Committee Chair. “It puts the MORPC offices closer to transportation options that the public needs in reaching our services. This building is also close to Franklin County operations which are a major interest holder in MORPC operations. It has always been the belief of the building committee and MOPRC that we should be within the innerbelt.”

More information can be found online at www.morpc.org.

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  • columbusmike

    Hopefully they can spruce up the building a little bit, and maybe get rid of that ridiculous, giant billboard next to the building.

  • futureman

    They do plan on spending $500K on renovations for a building being purchased for $2.6mil.
    Perhaps they could use the billboard to promote alternative transit methods considering it’s kind of what they do ;)

  • christin

    oh cool! I work right next door. It will be lovely to see some more faces down here, and hopefully more faces in the restaurants around the area too.
    as for the huge billboard, I’m more that willing to bet it’s owned by the people who own the parking lot on the west side of the Karlsberger building. fat chance of them giving it up. I think it only looks huge because it’s so close to the ground instead of 30-40 feet in the air like most billboards. But yeah, it’s ugly.

  • Yeah, good to see some more office workers in this part of Downtown. I’ve heard that Main Street is on the short list for a two-way conversion. Maybe MORPC can help make that happen. ;)

  • colemandale

    I love when we have new downtown tenants. Just wish we didn’t have to take them from other downtown neighborhoods.

  • I’m pretty sure MORPC moved out of their own organization’s interest. Sounds like they had long-term plans to buy a building ever since they moved into the space in the Brewery District. So I don’t think “taking” is an accurate way to put it.

    Hopefully a new tenant will quickly fill their old spot. It’s a nice office space in a good location.

  • awesome!  not nearly as long of a walk as it has been from my downtown office.  sad to see the brewery district loose a tenant but i’m a little pleased out of my own self interest :D

  • MORPC has enjoyed its location in the Brewery District.  We will truly miss the great restaurants, Krogers, and the new Shadowbox, just to name a few.  The huge billboard, hmmmmm…it will not belong to MORPC. Any creative, unique ideas on how we can best utilize it?   

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