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More Credit Card Parking Meters Being Installed This Fall

Walker Evans Walker Evans More Credit Card Parking Meters Being Installed This Fall
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The City of Columbus Department of Public Service is installing another phase of upgraded parking meters that will accept credit and debit cards, starting on Wednesday, September 18th. Once complete by the end of December, all 4,800 parking meters in Columbus will accept credit and debit cards in addition to coins.

The meters that will be upgraded are located in the Discovery District around the campuses of CCAD and CCSC, as well as portions of the Hilltop neighborhood. Additionally, some existing credit card meters around The North Market, Short North and Arena District will be upgraded to a newer model that features larger screens.

In addition to credit cards, these meters also accept pre-paid parking cards, sold by the city of Columbus in two locations: 50 West Gay Street and 2700 Impound Lot Road.

More information can be found online at publicservice.columbus.gov/parking.

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  • BrianW

    Hopefully they will avoid my pet peeve with some of the current installations – don’t put in a meter with a solar panel so the solar panel is oriented so it is always in a dark, shaded area (ie. directly next to a northfacing wall).

  • BrianW – Are there meters you’ve found in shaded areas that don’t work because of lack of sun? I’ve not encountered that yet, but I tend to only use meters in specific areas.

    PS: Was nice to meet you in person at the Moonlight Market on Saturday! ;)

  • JackieC

    I did check this out:


    But does anyone know if they offer some sort of discount for using the prepaid parking card? I imagine it saves the City in service fees from the various credit card companies.

    Also, if they could change out the meters in the alley beside 16 Bit that would be wonderful!

  • billiejean

    Agreed on the 16 bit arcade meters. However, I’m just super excited they’re continuing this awesome credit card meter trend. I never carry change on me anymore.

  • MichaelC

    This is a great step.

    Perhaps this could be the next one: paying for meters via a cell phone app.

    Example: http://www.geekwire.com/2012/paybyphone-coming-seattle-refill-parking-meter-leaving-office/

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