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More Credit Card Parking Meters Being Installed

Walker Evans Walker Evans More Credit Card Parking Meters Being Installed
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The City of Columbus Department of Public Service began installing a new batch of “smart meters” today throughout various parts of the central city. The new meters debuted in December and accept payment via major credit cards in addition to coins and pre-paid cards.

Between now and mid-August, 922 new smart meters will be installed into the following areas:

  • Downtown Business District
  • The Ohio State University area
  • East Rich Street at Columbus Commons
  • South 2nd Street and East Main Street at Bicentennial Park
  • The Short North

After installation, there will be a total of 1,910 smart meters throughout the city. Eventually, all 4,000 parking meters in Columbus will be replaced with smart meters.

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  • NEOBuckeye

    Well, at least people won’t be fumbling for change anymore.

  • patient_zero

    A few of these new meters have consumed my quarters. They credited me for the first one, but not the successive two, at which point I walked away assuming that Kelsey’s helpers would zero in on my wheels. Meter God was with me the first few times, but what about next time?
    New meters will come with their share of problems, too.

  • ehill27

    Still can’t understand why they didn’t move to Kiosks, like every other city seems to be doing.

  • cc

    Yeah, it is a huge waste of money and resources to have individual meters. The kiosks have been sucessful in many cities. The City really needs to revamp its parking department. I wish the mayor would pay more attention to the peoples disatisfaction with it.

  • The credit card meters are definitely an improvement, even if they malfunction a bit. My biggest complaint is that you don’t get a receipt which is what I need for tracking business expenses. A lot of the kiosk-type solutions provide printed receipts.

  • patient_zero

    How do you track business expenses on the old coin operated machines? Not being snarky, just curious.
    Also, would these new $25and $50 preloaded cards they sell for the electronic meters pass as a business expense? Just a thought.

  • Well, if I have a business trip to track I either park in a garage, pay a little more but use a card and get a receipt, or just pay in quarters at a meter and pay it out of pocket and don’t bother with trying to write it off. Would be nice to be able to get a receipt when using a card at a meter.

  • JohnAngelo

    Hey Walker, out of curiosity, how is the meter charge listed on your credit card statement? I haven’t looked at mine. Is the charge exceedingly mysterious, or is it “City of Columbus”? You possibly could use your cc statement as proof of expense for taxes.

  • I honestly haven’t looked to see how it’s listed. I assume it would come through as some third party vendor. Could probably track it that way if it’s recognizable. Guess I should check with our accountant first. ;)

  • btmarquis

    Here’s how mine was listed:

  • Chase doesn’t show as much text as above, but you can make out what it was for.


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