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Modern Male is No. 1 spa for men

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Press Release wroteWhat about me? Modern Male is No. 1 spa for men

What about me? Realize it or not, we are in the middle of a man’s movement where many educated, successful men are asking themselves that very question. Studies show that men, who have diligently pushed their way to the top of the corporate ladder while taking a proactive approach to child rearing and home management are now doing more of their own shopping and indulging in “feel-good” services such as gym memberships and spa services.

With men in mind, it is no surprise that Modern Male, located in Old Dublin, has become the No. 1 spa for men in central Ohio.

Modern Male offers a full menu of world-class services designed specifically for men. Stylists are experienced and offer ideas that work for each individual’s needs. A barber is on hand for the perfect shave and to offer advice. And licensed massage therapists are available to tackle anything from rotator cuff issues to de-stressing.

Most recently, Modern Male has made the push to offer advanced skincare treatments. A lot of research went into designing specific treatments that give immediate results. With no given protocols for men’s skincare, Modern Male took the project on to design its own and now offers a full menu of treatments.

Traveling and burning the candle at both ends can easily take a toll on one’s skin; these and many other reasons make specific treatments a necessity, not a luxury … although it feels like a luxury.

With the holidays fast approaching, put a gift certificate to Modern Male at the top of your list. Check out the menu online.

Modern Male

24 Darby St., Old Dublin



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  • Daz

    Gotta say,

    Went in there for a haircut once. It was the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had, but one of TWO that I’ve had in my life that was any good.

  • gramarye

    Profile pic?


  • Ndcent

    The most I’ve paid is like $35-40.

    I never thought it was all that worth it.

    I now pay $12 (after tip) and get a adequate cut at Tims Barber Shop.

  • Daz

    gramarye wroteProfile pic?



    I now pay $12 (after tip) and get a adequate cut at Tims Barber Shop.

    And yeah… I can’t bring myself to pay 45 bucks every 3-4 weeks for a haircut. I pay 15 (after tip) at some place in a strip mall.

  • Coremodels

    I cut my own hair except for my annual short hair cut (which I skipped this year), and then I do pay a lot…but it’s because it’s a pretty significant change.

  • VictorianGate

    For a super cheap cut and a cool, stylish look I usually go with the Flobee.

  • anna2222

    Gave my husband a GC to this spa, here is his experience:

    Modern Male is an expensive disappointment.
    My wife gave me the deluxe treatment for Father’s Day: massage; facial; mani/pedi.
    Investment: $200+; 3 hours.
    Full disclosure: I have significant massage experience & minimal facial/mani/pedi experience; I arrived 15 minutes late for my 3-hour appointment due to an accident on 270.
    The moment I arrived, I was informed (3 times by 3 different people) that we’d have to cut my session short because I was late. Rough, non-relaxing, non-customer-centric greeting.
    I was seated and given paper work to fill out. If they want to know my preferences (and I Iike that they do!), they should have done this in advance. More stress.
    I was offered beer or wine…for a charge. (This is after I’ve pre-paid $200+.)
    I started with the massage. No dressing room; I changed into a robe in the first room & had to carry my clothes, shoes, keys, cell phone, wallet from room to room. The massage room itself was the outer wall of the building; not quite dark, not quite quiet.
    The massage itself was fast & not expertly administered (pain during; more pain after!).
    Hot towel treatment could have been good, but it was always a surprise when it hit me…so, not!
    I was not there to make life-long friends, but the therapist was curt, uninterested. Really…cliche wind-instrument music? C’mon! You have to do better than that.
    I proceeded to the facial. I told the facialist it was my first, and, therefore, was looking for her to walk me through it. No such luck. I haven’t the foggiest idea what she was rubbing on my face; some was minty smelling, but that’s all I got out of it. There were, of course, more surprise hot towels; this time, on my face; still no warning! How about a quiet, non-intrusive whisper: “Here comes the hot towel.” Again, not relaxing at all. And no life-long friend here, either. No conversation. She seemed upset that I was pulling her from the beautiful day outside.
    More wind instruments?!
    Then the nail tech. At least this young lady was engaged, conversational, friendly. She didn’t, however, have the necessary equipment. No mani/pedi chair?! I don’t know much (~5 mani/pedis in my life), but I’ve had a better experience at the Easton mall. She tried, but – ultimately – fell short of the mark. (Sorry. I feel bad for this one, because she was cool…but the service didn’t deliver!)
    Finally, I was basically the last person there…and rushed out the door. Didn’t even have time to finish my beer.
    Not customer-centric; hurried service; inadequate building, equipment; below-par technicians; no ambience; little to no tailoring for the modern male (whoever he is); poor value.
    Disaster! Save your time & money.

  • Sorry you had a bad time. For me, I don’t get treatments for conversations, I want to relax in silence, think with a clear head, or sleep. Maybe that’s their usual mode of thinking there?

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