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Mikey’s Quick Slice Brings Popular Pizza to Daytime Hours

Walker Evans Walker Evans Mikey’s Quick Slice Brings Popular Pizza to Daytime Hours
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The original Late Night Slice pizza shack is a popular Short North destination for hungry bar patrons, but limits their hours of operation only for the night owls. Thankfully, that changes today.

Mikey’s Quick Slice is the name of the new daytime alter-ego, which will serve up pizza by the slice to the lunch and early dinner crowd. Additionally, the menu will expand to include subs and other speciality items only to be found during the daytime.

The new shop officially opens on Wednesday, May 2nd and will operate seven days per week from 11am to 6:30pm.

More information can be found at www.latenightslice.com and on their new Facebook page.

Find out more about serial entrepreneur Mike Sorboro in TheMetropreneur.com Business Profile.

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  • cowtownposse

    Still would rather have a Fresh Street crepe during the day.

  • ehill27

    This is good news.

  • mbeaumont

    Will definitely miss Fresh Street, but am happy for Mikey’s. Hoping to see Kenny and Misako at a new daytime location soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t had their yakatori at Double Happiness you’re missing out!

  • mrpoppinzs

    Miss Fresh Street too.

  • tolemac5050

    Open today or May 2?

  • May 2!

  • geoyui

    I’ve heard great things about Mike’s pizza, but what Kenny and Misako made filled a much needed niche for Central Ohio. Wherever they land I will eat there.

  • Jason Beyondo

    Freshstreet will be doing their thing at Double Happiness. They’d already been doing amazing things up there in the evenings and will add daytime hours to their offerings!

  • Update by Mikey’s Quick Slice:
    “Thank you everyone for supporting the Quick Slice concept. We’ve decided to fold everything back into Late Night Slice. The shack now opens at 3:00pm and closes at the usual 3:00am (4am on Fri and Sat).

    We hope to revisit the Quick Slice idea again someday. So stay tuned. In the meantime, we’re still serving the same great pizza you know and love. But under the banner that made it famous: Late Night Slice.”

  • Late Night Slice did the universe a solid a couple of nights ago when a homophobe acted like an idiot while in line.


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