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Middle West Spirits Announces Stone Fruit as New Seasonal Vodka Flavor

Walker Evans Walker Evans Middle West Spirits Announces Stone Fruit as New Seasonal Vodka Flavor
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Local microdistillery Middle West Spirits is announcing their latest seasonal vodka flavor this week. Stone Fruit will be their second specialty flavor, following in the footsteps of their popular Honey Vanilla Bean released last year.

“OYO Stone Fruit showcases the regional flavors that are distinctive to Ohio’s fall harvest,” said Brady Konya, Partner & Founder at Middle West Spirits. “Building on the rich character of Ohio’s soft red winter wheat, Middle West paired the flagship OYO Vodka with Montmorency cherries, sweet yellow peaches, fragrant apricots, almonds, hibiscus, and a touch of Ohio’s finest wildflower honey to produce a fruit forward spirit that captures the fresh seasonal essence of Ohio’s favorite local stone fruits.”

OYO Stone Fruit is scheduled to launch in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati simultaneously, and should be on shelves by Tuesday, November 22nd. Retail price is $32 per bottle.

More information can be found online at www.MiddleWestSpirits.com.

Photo by Elizabeth Lessner.

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  • lizless

    I got to taste this yesterday afternoon, I was able to sip it like a delicious port. So smooth, so many flavors, it’s amazing. Run out and buy this as soon as it hits the shelves, you won’t be sorry. Excellent holiday drinking with just a splash of club soda and maybe a lemon twist.

  • I’m excited for it. I enjoy Honey Vanilla Bean more than the original OYO, and I imagine this one is just as good! :D

  • KarmenD

    YUM!! So excited!

  • Thanks guys… we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.  Available the week of 11/21!  :)

  • Stopped by to pick up a bottle today. Looks so pretty! :) Yay for the weekend, haha

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