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Michael Symon Contemplates a B Spot Burgers Location in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Michael Symon Contemplates a B Spot Burgers Location in Columbus
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It’s easy to overlook small news tidbits over a long holiday weekend, but something interesting happened to catch my eye as I skimmed through a few stories in between rounds of cookouts and fireworks displays.

According to a blog/news update at the Plain Dealer’s website, celebrity chef (and Cleveland native) Michael Symon was recently stirring up some chatter via Facebook and Twitter on the topic of expanding his popular B Spot Burgers concept into Mentor Ohio (the other locations are in Strongsville, Westlake and Downtown Cleveland).

After getting quite a bit of feedback, Symon posted posted another update saying that he’s also looking to expand into Akron, Canton and Columbus. His requirements are listed as an approximately 3,500 square foot space, lots of foot traffic and being located close to entertainment.

Where do you think would make the best location for this gourmet-meets-casual burger concept to land in Columbus? Leave us a comment below with your ideas, and don’t forget to also respond to Michael on Facebook and Twitter to barrage him directly with your thoughts on Columbus locales.

More information about B Spot can be found online at www.BSpotBurgers.com.

[Image from www.bspotburgers.com]

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  • Seems like part of the old Yankee Trader space might be a perfect fit. I would love to see it happen!

  • mols0917

    I wonder if the Burgundy Room space would work? I love idea of old Yankee Trader spot too…

  • bzarcher

    Seems like the Arena District might work, too. I’d love to see him open up in town!

  • drew

    Obvious first thought was Burgundy Room, also wondered (from the perspective of giving a boost to downtown) if there’d be any suitable spaces near Dirty Franks on 4th or somewhere on High between Gay & Nationwide?

  • dmiranjr

    I’m can’t remember what they are planning on doing with the space but the Goodie Boy seems like a great place for a burger business. Return to its roots?

  • Yankee Trader building gets my vote, the old O’Shaughnessey’s, a space on Gay Street, or if the Lazarus building Downtown still has space.

  • Where Liquid used to be. They’d even get a little patio and some parking. B Spot and Surly Girl together? Yikes! and yummmmmm

  • There’s 6000 sqft of restaurant space ready for build out in the new Hotel Indigo space near the corner of Broad & High. I imagine it could be split up into two retail spaces if B Spot only needs 3500 sqft. Should have pretty decent foot traffic, and being the restaurant in the ground floor of a hip, modern hotel would be pretty fitting. Close to all of the Downtown theatres and not far from many other events and entertainment options.

  • Yes. All the locations listed would be fine with me. I think Yankee Trader and former Burgundy Room make the most sense but I’m in for a burger if this ends up anywhere near me. Also, if we are looking down the road a bit, the new incarnation of the Ibiza lot could work.

  • drew

    Heheh… how in the hell have I managed to miss the news of this Hotel Indigo?! That’s a perfect location!

  • Liquid space equals a big yes. That part of the Short North needs some more Lovin’.

  • Charlie

    Split up the Big Woody’s venue?

  • pez

    I go to the Chagrin location quite a bit with out of town travelers. The food is OK, probably on par with good bar food, but nothing outstanding. Don’t try to customize or substitute anything though, even adding onion, lettuce or pickles unless its that way on the menu Symon won’t allow it. Having been there probably 10-15 times, I can say that service around the bar is consistently poor as the employees seem more concerned about socializing with each other than dealing with customers, outside service is generally good though.

  • hajames66

    I think the space across from North Market in the ground floor of Arena Crossing has always been an ideal spot for a restaurant.  There is even a patio area.  I don’t know why it hasn’t been jumped on already–probably too high a rent.

  • tolemac5050

    he should do well here, as long as the food and service are spot on.  Just the name will get you in…but service keeps you returning.   So many decent location possibilities

  • ehill27

    I believe there may be an open restaurant space in the Residence Inn on Gay Street.

  • ehill27 – You are correct, although I think it’s a pretty large space. If you go to the restaurant bar, which is located in the back upstairs section of the lobby, you look down onto the old bank space, which is where the restaurant would go. It’s almost like looking down on a movie set. ;)

  • tolemac5050

    Guess Michael Symon’s “spot” he wanted at Easton fell through.  Wants more ideas on FB


    If there isn’t a ton of parking easily accessible to the restaurant for use then forget about it. He passed on some pretty good locations in the Cleveland area for his latest 2 locations all because of parking concerns.
    The Strongsville (very southern suburb of Cleveland) location is in a crappy strip mall anchored by a Target and is located in a run that includes a Great Clips, Famous Footware and Game Stop. There is no foot traffic in the area (it’s on a busy street that connects Strongsville with 71) and is no where near any entertainment, unless you count on a library as meeting this requirement.

  • Motorist

    If his Cleveland locations are any indication of the type of space he prefers for B Spot, a Columbus B Spot would likely go in the Lane Avenue Shopping Center or one of the many strip malls along Sawmill.  It never hurts to dream though…

  • I’d be cool with a Lane Avenue location. Or maybe Kingsdale? Piada seems to be following a similar approach. Ample parking in mostly strip-mall type locations but still close to urban areas.

  • Rastapasta

    Mike and I went back and forth on his FB status. I told him to not bring his restaurant down here (Short North to Clintonville) and stick to Polaris, Easton, Dublin, UA, etc. He played dumb when I told him the local crowd were too hip for his B-spot mediocrity. At the end of the day it’s not an accident his places end up in Woodmere, Crockerpark, etc. The guy is building an empire out of charismatically educating middle americans about “real food”. Some sort of Lola bistro concept (not exactly Lolita) would kill it down here though …

  • The Short North/Arena District ideas are good ones, although the old O’Shaughnessey’s might not be the foot-traffic draw he’s looking for (except during hockey season.) Regardless, It would be fantastic if he put a place in the ‘bus!

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