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Meat Packers Outlet: A Downtown Best Kept Secret

Walker Evans Walker Evans Meat Packers Outlet: A Downtown Best Kept Secret
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If you happen to stroll down a quiet portion of South Fifth Street, you might have already discovered the Meat Packers Outlet. If not, you may never have known that this establishment was right under your nose.

The Meat Packers Outlet is a family owned business that has been around for over 53 years, and has roots dating further back to the Columbus Central Market in the early 1900’s.

This family business has been passed down through three generations and continues to operate today as a destination for beef, pork and poultry products. Most items are sold by the pound similar to a grocery store, and special bulk packages are also sold. These bulk sets are generally designed for a either a backyard grilling party, or someone looking to stock a deep freezer with meats.

The Meat Packers Outlet is located at 317 S. 5th Street, Downtown. Their hours are Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm. More information can be found online at www.meatpackersoutlet.com.

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  • Twixlen

    Country cured ham!!  Holy mother lode.

  • patient_zero

    I drive my buddy over when he’s in need of meat. Sometimes he buys a whole leg of lamb for holidays and gets it for a reasonable price. The staff is very friendly and attentive. There are plenty of parking meters in front to get in and out quickly.

  • Solidarity413

    Saw this going down to my local union meeting this weekend. I will for sure be shopping there, thanks for the post!

  • Any idea if their meat is remotely local?

  • Twixlen

    I’d driven by the sign on Main St a bunch of times, never thinking it was someplace open to the public (as I never, ever take that right onto 5th).  So, I went there last night after work!

    At about 4:45pm, the place was busy, but not packed, and my eyes literally goggled at the wonderment of meats.  I spied the hams, and bellied up, immediately being greeted by someone behind the counter and we were off.  I started small, just getting stuff to get me thru the week – 2 Country Ham steaks (vacuum pack sealed and I got to choose which ones I wanted from the stack – yay!), a pound of skinless, boneless chicken breast and a couple sirloin burgers – the loose stuff was wrapped in regular paper, then each bagged in individual heavy bags.  My total bill?  $7.09… crazy cheap.

    They also have a selection of basic spices, some spice rubs, gallon jugs of hot sauce/bbq sauce/wing sauce, and some basics behind the counter – flour, sugar, cider vinegar, cornmeal, mayo, salt, etc.  Service was excellent, friendly and helpful.

    They have deli meat, various pig parts (oh, the flashback to my childhood!), some smoked goods, beautiful slabs of beef and the usual chicken pieces/parts.  I am definitely going back, and am thinking this will be where I get most of my meat from here on out.


    EDIT FOR PARKING INFO – There is a parking lot behind it, accessible off Main and the little side street off 5th (S. Nobile) – the little side street is currently blocked off and closed just before the parking lot, meaning a trip around the block, if the front street parking is full.

  • Nice! Thanks for the review, Twixen!

    Rachel – Not sure. I imagine some of it probably is. Would be a good question to ask when stopping in.

  • Man I have been wanting to make a visit here. After looking at the prices though it does not seem much different from the grocery store. Which is just not enough to constitute a out of the way trip when Schuman’s is so close.

  • FrankTank

    We’ve been going to this place for almost two years now and really enjoy the variety of cuts of meat as well as the freshness of it.  Glad its getting some recognition! Thanks Walker

  • Oak

    I went there last friday (March 27th) and really enjoyed my visit. Tons of meats and it all looked really fresh. The staff was VERY polite and helpful – some of the best customer service i’ve received in a long time. I bought 10 pounds of chicken wings for a party. The wings were big (shoulder to tip) and VERY meaty. I will be back there on a regular basis to purchase my meats and cheeses. Thanks CU for letting me know about this place!

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