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Maki Go: New Downtown Restaurant Open for Lunch

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Maki Go: New Downtown Restaurant Open for Lunch
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When Cafe Lola closed last summer, downtowners expected the opening of Bistro 8 to fill the 12 East Broad Street spot, a sandwich and panini joint offering fresh made wraps and salads. That venture never quite got off the ground, and on Monday, February 25th, Maki Go had a soft opening instead. This exciting new concept is one desperately needed in the lunch scene. Here, customers can essentially make their own sushi rolls from a vast variety of ingredients.

Make-your-own sushi is an emerging concept coming out of California, where chef Jack Chantharangsy has been honing his skills for the past few years. When the doors failed to open on Bistro 8, he saw an opportunity to bring the simple yet innovative model to Columbus.

“It’s a Chipotle-style concept with sushi,” said Chantharangsy. “We want people to be able to come in and customize their own sushi roll…everything from the wrap, the rice, the fresh ingredients and toppings. We want to offer Downtown Columbus something fresh and new.”

You will be able to choose from standards like Big Eye and Yellowfin Tuna and Salmon, to less traditional fare like Honey Soy chicken. There will also be a wide assortment of dressings and salsas, including a spicy wasabi sauce and the house “maki go” sauce,  as well as salads and hot cups of miso soup. The rolls are large and wrapped for easy dine-in or take-out consumption.

Chef Jack and his crew are currently phasing in  a new menu you can try from 11am to 3pm weekdays. The goal is to try and incorporate new things into an old tradition to create something that’s still comforting and familiar while being quickly-prepared and reasonably priced. There will be changes made as Maki Go makes its home on the Downtown lunch scene, so check in often for what’s newest and freshest.

More information can be found on the CU Messageboard.

Photos by Craig Ferance.

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  • RhondaH

    Where on Broad is this?

  • 12 East Broad. Basically the NE corner of Broad & High.

  • RhondaH

    @walker Thanks for the reply and for updating the article.

  • susank

    I recently tried Fusain at the South Campus Gateway. This looks like a very similar concept where everyone wants to ‘chipotle style’ every kind of cuisine. The food there was tasty and fresh, but these innovations take away from what real sushi can be. Assembly line sushi is just not the same. :(

  • Zooky

    Ate there today. Had a sesame wrap with salmon, and the food is excellent. I’m always a little frightened about eating any form of sushi in Columbus (Akai Hana and Moshi are the best), but I think Jack has it down for a lunch place. Food was fresh, didn’t take too long and now adds a 2nd healthy option to lunch places downtown along with Market 65.

  • colummmbus

    Rhonda- We’re right next to Tim Horton’s… unfortunately our awnings still say Bistro 8, but that’ll be changed over as soon as we get approved. Look forward to seeing you here!

    Susan- Totally understand what you’re saying. We take a lot of pride of what we serve and how we’re doing it. Come give it a shot! It’s a totally new experience.

    Zooky- Thanks for the kind words! We take our fish seriously and always use fresh only.

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