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Mahan Gallery Closing in the Short North

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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After eight years of being a Short North destination, Mahan Gallery will be closing its storefront on October 1. Owner Jacquie Mahan, who made the decision to close the storefront so she can concentrate on raising her family, said, “I have enjoyed sharing my passion for contemporary art with the local arts community. To have had the rare and wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of extremely talented artists and creative minds has been something I am grateful for.” Although the storefront will be gone, Jacquie will remain active in the local arts community. Her first project will be a curated photo show in an alternative location. Thank you Mahan Gallery for showcasing wonderful artists! We wish you all the best.

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  • Great gallery, it will be missed.

  • KyleEzell

    This is bad news I loved that space and that Gallery. Sigh. Now that it is gone, although I absolutely love Asian I would hate to see that space taken over by another sushi restaurant. I doubt any more galleries are coming?

  • gk

    Perhaps another trendy clothing store will fill the space.

  • This is sad news, I liked the gallery.  Good luck to her and her family.  I hope another gallery takes the space quickly.

  • First Kathryn Gallery and now Mahan? Some of my favorite galleries are closing. :(

  • jpizzow

    Sad, but it’s the nature of the beast. These galleries simply cannot afford rents as the neighborhood becomes more trendy and gentrified. My vote is for a deli. There are not enough in the area. I want to run in some place, grab a sandwich and leave. Where can I do that easily in the Short North. Not too many places.

  • Gallery District – Mahan = Not Gallery District anymore.

    Good luck Jacquie. Rad times were had.

  • Really sad to hear about the gallery closing, but happy to hear that she will remain active in the community.

  • @jpizzow
    When someone says they’re leaving to focus on raising their family, It is a critical logic flaw for one to assume that they are not making enough money to pay the rent without any additional information.

  • Manatee

    @jpizzow, yo have you heard of Spinelli’s.

    Booo hisss we will miss you Jacquie!

  • jpizzow

    This isn’t the only gallery that has closed over the past decade. Many have been replaced with restaurants and boutiques and etc. It’s the typicaly life cycle of this type of neighborhood and should not come as too much of a surprise to those who understand the concept of neighborhood life cycles. I wasn’t targeting her specifically, just making a general statement about all galleries in the Short North. I totally respect her decision and I would do the same. As far as most other galleries, I guess I’m just trying to say that most are not as econimical as restaurants and retail and we should not expect them to last forever.

    With regards to a side thought, I do think every business in the SN should have some wall and/or floor space dedicated to art just to help keep the feel of the “arts district” alive.

  • woofman

    We’ll miss you Jacquie!!!  Thank you for bringing Derek Hess (and all the great artists) to CBus time and time again.

  • @jpizzow
    gotcha. I can definitely agree with your larger point. I just misinterpreted your statement about meeting rents as relating to Mahan.

  • jpizzow Says: This isn’t the only gallery that has closed over the past decade.

    It’s also not the only gallery to open in the past decade.

  • Zooky

    Adam’s right.  Maybe the SN should change 1st Saturday of the month to: “Boutique Hop”.  It’s not really an opinion as much as it is fact at this point….  not many galleries left.

  • cc

    Actually changing its name to the ‘Boutique Diner’s Hop’ would probably not be a bad idea. It would be more accurate and it might bring more people with that intention.

  • I dunno… there are at least a dozen dedicated galleries in the district, with many of the shops and restaurants and bars featuring art on their walls during Gallery Hop as well. I’m willing to bet that the Short North still contains the highest concentration of art galleries in the region, if not the state.

    I always find it somewhat amusing that whenever a gallery closes, everyone scrambles to be the first to claim that the sky is falling, but whenever a new gallery opens, such as Ray’s Living Room did earlier this summer, you don’t hear anyone talking about how it’s a positive direction for the neighborhood and how it’s worth supporting.

  • Favorite Mahan Exhibit- Ric Ocasek, “Red Colored Noise”

    you will be missed, Mahan Gallery

  • cyclist II

    Does anyone have any actual data on numbers of Galleries in the SN? A yearly census if you will? What if there are more galleries now than ever? Many of the businesses have rotating artist in them and also act as galleries.

    But I’d rather have more bars, clubs, and things that are open and full of activity. Galleries are pretty blah…

  • blackbeard1991

    It’s as simple as this … people that come to the short north think galleries are museums and they never buy art.  If you want galleries, then buy something!

  • mbhays

    Short North galleries: Now -VS- the late 1980’s *

    Terra Gallery
    Brandt-Roberts Galleries
    Ray’s Living Room
    Studios On High
    Sherrie Galleries
    Marcia Evans Gallery
    Sharon Weiss Gallery
    Galerie Mac Worthington
    P M Gallery
    Kiaca Gallery
    Lindsay Gallery
    Roy G. Biv Gallery
    Rebecca Ibel Gallery
    Short North Tattoo
    Rivet Gallery

    First Impressions
    Riley Hawk Glass Art
    Roberta Kuhn Gallery
    Nicolae Gallery
    Ohio Ethnographic Gallery
    Studios on High
    Fergus Jean Gallery
    Spangler Cummings Galleries
    Benjamin-Marcus Gallery
    Art Reach Gallery
    P M Gallery
    Waldo’s on High
    Danlyn Gallery
    Gallery on High
    Obetz Gallery
    ACE Gallery
    Augie’s Gallery
    Silver Shadow Gallery
    Acme Art Co.
    The Blue Cat
    Geoffrey Taber Gallery
    Spirit Gallery
    Columbus Art League
    Ohio Gallery
    Forum Gallery

    *according to the Short North gallery guide.  Doesn’t include every little bar/deli/dry goods store that slaps up some “art” by their pals.

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