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Local Artists Add Mural to Magnolia Thunderpussy

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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  • Delicious_ambiguity

    Enjoyed this last night on a late night visit to Skullys. :)  It’s definitely an improvement and adds that bit of personality suited to Magnolia and Skully’s that was missing from that lot.  More public art please!

  • jpizzow

    I would like to see this happen to more buildings. The murals on the Blue Danube and Fat Lip tattoo (i think) are pretty stellar as well. Make the city a canvas and art gallery for local artists. It’s a cheap way to liven things up and it also helps legitimize that “indie arts capitol of the world” slogan.  This is one more chance to prove it.

  • I wonder if we’d see more of this type of thing if we had more of an owner-occupied retail community in Columbus? I have to imagine projects like this are more of a challenge when the building owner is either difficult to get in touch with or possibly doesn’t even live in Central Ohio.

  • I’m a big fan of John Malta and Jon Stommel. They are both very talented and very nice guys. I’m glad to see them given the opportunity to share their awesome weirdness with the community. Nice work, fellas. 

  • lizless

    This is wonderful! More, please.

  • lazyfish

    Isn’t the parking lot due to be redeveloped in the near future???? I know the limestone couch is on the way out.

  • I’ve not read anything about that lot being redeveloped.

  • HyperHuney

    Loves it!!! Saw it the other night and fell in love… I agree…MORE!!!
    Thank god about that couch… Everytime I see someone sitting on it I’m disgusted. Ew.

  • jpizzow

    So where is the limestone couch going and why? I haven’t heard anything about redevelopment either.

  • Wonderful! I always wondered why Little Brothers or Liquid didn’t do something similar. I’m also excited to ORIGINAL, LOCAL art as a mural. American Gothic is a great painting but why use that piece when we have so many inspired, talented artists in Columbus. Why Xerox the classics, what does that say about our city and our life?

  • I saw Jon Stommel’s work at Independent’s Day and I loved it, good to see his work up in a public space. We need more of this definitely! There are tons of artists that just want some good public space to paint in (i.e. graffiti artists) and I think more businesses/building owners should allow this type of thing, I am not sure how much graffiti it will cut down but it is positive to offer free public mural space. I also agree with Larissa about Xeroxing the classics, let’s do our OWN art! So who owns a building in C-Bus? Who’s next that wants to offer the side of their building?

  • ItsTea

    newer pictures from this mural and other local street art are posted here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/itstea/

  • I think I was the oldest artist painting on this mural. You can see me milling around and painting in the background.

  • I commented on the other post about this mural already, but Stommel was telling me last night that there might be trouble brewing for this mural and the one across the street. I don’t know who it is exactly but I guess some group doesn’t exactly approve of what got painted. More details when I find them out.

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