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Little Palace Reopens Downtown on June 1st

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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After some extensive renovations under new ownership, The Little Palace restaurant is ready to reopen their doors. This historic Downtown eatery is located at 240 S. Fourth Street, next door to Dirty Frank’s. The menu has been overhauled to focus on signature pizzas, burgers and other entrees. More info about the updates can be found HERE.

Little Palace held a pre-opening party last night and will be open to the public for lunch and dinner on Tuesday, June 1st. Photos from the pre-opening party can be found below.

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  • JedThorp


  • Yeah, they did a really nice job with the interior. I didn’t try out any of the food or drinks, but I’m sure it will be on par with their offerings at 185 or Rossi. Nice to have another Downtown option. :D

  • I had a look at the menu and it looks really affordable and spot on for the Columbus market.

    People are going to flock to this place.

  • michaelcoyote

    The food was pretty good.  They had smaller slider type burgers, and smaller meatball and chicken sandwiches that will go for about $2 each. The sandwiches are small, but 2-4 would fill you up, depending on how hungry you are.  The beer selection is pretty great with CBC, Great Lakes, Troegs and other microbrews on tap.  I saw about 10 different taps all told. 

    The interior is spot on.  Lots of detail work was done to give the place a great vibe.

  • Porky

    A rising tide raises all ships!

  • lizless

    Space is gorgeous! So glad to have neighbors on our lonely strip of 4th. Welcome, Little Palace!

  • kessler

    I’ll have to check this out for lunch sometime this week. As well I’ve not stopped by Dirty Franks in awhile. It would be awesome if both Little Palace & Dirty Franks could add a patio strip. Though I’m thinking the sidewalk isn’t wide enough.

  • tolemac5050

    Great re-do inside and the kept the vintage sign!   A good thing!

  • First, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace. Now, an updated Little Palace. One more palace and I think we may need to rename the Red Brick District.

  • FrankTank

    Great to see this place open again! Will definitely have to stop by in the near future.

  • johnwashere

    Went today and it was pretty good. I got a double cheeseburger , chicken sandwich and fries. The sandwichs were sliders ($3 each) and the fries were wedges. The pizzas looked good too (everything on the menu seemed good).  I was still kinda hungry afterwards but I would still go back. Here is a menu:

  • Had a satisfying $5 dinner here. Haven’t been to the bar, but I plan on it.

  • reelfreak

    Been there a couple of times now.  Had the gyro, burger, fries and a caesar salad.  I don’t think it is accurate to call the burgers sliders, since a White Castle barely resembles a hamburger, but they certainly are mini.  Everything was fresh and delicious.  Nice job with the interior renovation too.  Will definitely be a frequent lunch spot.

  • reelfreak

    Please pardon my food ignorance.  Apparently, “slider” is a common term for mini sandwich.  I guess I need to get out more.

  • tolemac5050

    Went last night after the CAPA summer movie, great italian sub and the fries are great, stay hot with the fact they are wedges…a great cocktail too!  Will return soon!

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