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Leafy Dale Adds New Apartments to Victorian Village

Walker Evans Walker Evans Leafy Dale Adds New Apartments to Victorian Village
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The Wood Companies are already busy with construction on High Street with their apartment building development over top of Northstar Cafe, but that’s not stopping them from already moving on to their next big project: The Leafy Dale.

Constructed in 1895 as a hotel, the Leafy Dale building stands tall at 789 Dennison Avenue, a half-block northwest of Goodale Park.

“The building has been vacant for about five years,” says Mark Wood, President of The Wood Companies. “A couple of other developers tried to redevelop it into condos a few years ago and ran out of money before they were able to finish it.”

The Wood Companies stepped in recently to buy the Leafy Dale, and is currently working on construction documents to move forward with building out 26 apartment units for rent. Most of the interior walls are stripped down to the studs, and plans call for the installation of a new modern elevator toward the front of the building.

“There will also be a rooftop terrace for residents to utilize,” says Wood. “It will have great views of Goodale Park and Downtown.”

The rooftop terrace will be constructed with a modern, contemporary design, and will be set back from the edge of the building, not immediately visible from the sidewalk below. The unit interiors will play off the historic character of the building and common areas will keep some of the existing charm intact.

Currently, there is no scheduled completion date for the project. Wood says that the project is still going through the process of getting all plans approved, permits obtained and finances in place before making an announcement on the targeted opening of Leafy Dale. More information will be made available soon, so stay tuned for updates.

More information about The Wood Companies can be found at www.woodcompanies.com.

Mark Wood, President of The Wood Companies

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  • leftovers

    Great building and location for apartments.

  • bzudo

    Hopefully the can finish construction on their website as well.

  • dru

    i find it odd that the building was apartments with a full occupancy rate, then forcibly vacated, then left empty for 3-4 years, all so that it could be apartments.  so it’s not so much adding apartments to the area, as it is replacing the ones it originally took away.
    no dig at Wood Cos. I am glad they are taking it on and getting a building with a great location back on the market.

  • leftovers

    There was a lot of hype, and poor policy with tax abated condos in the central city area. Developers saw this as a quick buck with a fast turnover. This was one of several casualties.

  • MichaelC

    Very exciting news. The Wood Cos. is kickin’ butt.
    I’d love to see renderings, if the company makes any available.
    Thanks for the story, Walker!

  • Mark said that he could supply the design schematics, but there’s really no “artist renderings” for this one. The building for the most part is being historically preserve with no major exterior alterations. The rooftop terrace will be the only new exterior component, which the designs will show. Stay tuned!

  • Mandy Henderson

    This pulls the heartstrings as myself and several of my friends lived in this building off and on. Can’t wait to see the place back in action… and wish the previous developers wouldn’t have cut down the two huge trees in front that gave it a “leafier” presence in VV. It’d be great to see some trees planted again!

  • JRemy

    Thanks for sharing Walker!  With all these new projects, the Woods Company wouldn’t be looking to hire on any aspiring architects by any chance would they?  :-)  Very nice work, I am looking forward to the Completion of Leafy Dale and cannot wait to see what there next project will be.

  • michaelcoyote

    Knew someone who was interested in this place and did the legwork to see about investing and the finances and lien situation were a mess. Lovely spot though. Glad to see the Wood Companies were able to straighten it all out.

  • leftovers

    I am really interested to see what these will rent for. I know plenty of people who would be interested in this place.

  • goldenidea

    Let’s see 24 new units equals about 30-40 new cars… Mr. Wood, where are they going to park?  Maybe you can cut a deal with either Hubbard School or the Thurber Center/Casto to park them in one of these two lots?  

    Over the 5 or so years that this building has been vacant, this area of Victorian Village has lost its excess parking supply.   

  • cbus11

    If you have ever lived in another city where parking is a tight (boston for example) you know that it is something you either deal with or pay a premium for. Mindsets will eventually have to change as parking is considered a luxury in many popular areas while in Columbus it is seen as a right.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Parking isn’t free in the Arena District.

  • NerosNeptune

    30-40 cars will not go there. This building is in a pretty much perfect location, you don’t really need a car there unless you work far away.

  • I can completely understand the frustration, but parking issues seem like a trivial concern in the big picture when we’re talking about renovating a vacant building and adding more residents to a dense urban community.
    I should add that when I went to visit the building and take the photos up top, I took the bus. The #7 runs on Buttles past this building, the #3 runs nearby, and you can easily walk to High Street for other options.

  • “If you have ever lived in another city where parking is a tight (boston for example) you know that it is something you either deal with or pay a premium for. Mindsets will eventually have to change as parking is considered a luxury in many popular areas while in Columbus it is seen as a right.”
    Completely agree Cbus11 AND nice move Wood Companies. I’m sure they bought for a price that makes sense and it’s a great investment with current rental rates. Do not not see these rental rates going down anytime soon, especially with proximity to the park and virtually everything in the Short North.

  • slevin203

    It be a good place to rent an apartment there.

  • Some extra info on this project:

    It will have 21 one-bedroom units and 5 two-bedroom units. The 2-bedroom units range in size from 1200 to 1500 sq. ft. The 1-bedroom units range in size from 465 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft. with the average 1 bedroom about 875 sq. ft.

    Currently, the Wood Companies are not yet ready to identify pricing, and parking will be limited.

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