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Late Night Eggs Re-Brands to Eggfast

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The restaurant formerly known as both “Late Night Eggs” and “Eggs Breakfast Delivery” has re-branded once again to Eggfast, and are planning for national expansion. The Nowak Brothers (who also operate Cafe Corner) were just featured in restaurant industry publication QSR magazine where they discuss their history in the business as well as their plans for the future. You can read the full article here.

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  • lstandsforlisa

    Oh man, I love Eggs, and I’m really happy to see them expand. But the re-branding sort of sucks.

    I was really impressed with the old logo (and name) and thought it was creative and stood out. This new one looks generic and like something I would find at a truck-stop in Pennsylvania.

  • cc

    I like Eggs, but franchising to 100 campuses?! 

  • lovesfood

    It was a good article and sounds well but I have eaten here and I know for a fact that their food is processed. The french toast is terrible and the apple cinnamon topping is just canned apple pie filling. You can’t even get eggs the way you want them cooked and the hash brown casserole is terrible I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. People just have know idea what good food is and are afraid of being different and saying this place sucks.

  • I always loved it for what it was: good cheap college-esque food that I didn’t feel as guilty about when ordering. I loved the hash brown casserole and the eggs were good. It also had one of the quickest delivery times on Campus nearly every time I ordered. 

  • lovesfood

    That is because it is ultra processed and doesn’t take long to cook food that is already prepared

  • FYI… an email from Eggfast:

    Eggfast.com is now up and running. We also are planning to be opening back up on Monday October 12th.

  • Eggfast Sets Itself Apart from Competition with Day and Night Delivery

    What began as a desire to deliver tasty breakfast dishes to Columbus residents round the clock has since become a quick-service restaurant business run by two industry veterans.

    Eggfast −conceived by brothers Pete and Jon Nowak, the owners of Café Corner in Columbus’s Harrison West neighborhood from February 2006 to December 2009− reopened in October 2009 after an extensive rebranding effort.


  • mrpoppinzs

    I am not sure they are reopening as I they had a sign that said closed until fall 2012, but this place is gross.

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