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Kojo Kamau and Aminah Robinson Inducted into Walk of Fame

Walker Evans Walker Evans Kojo Kamau and Aminah Robinson Inducted into Walk of Fame
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The Lincoln Theatre’s Walk of Fame will be getting two new stars next month. Columbus artists Aminah Robinson and Kojo Kamau will be inducted into the Walk of Fame in a ceremony that will take place on July 26th at 7pm.

Both artists are Columbus natives that have achieved wide recognition for their professional work. Robinson is best known for her rag and cloth paintings called RagGonNons. Her work can be seen on display at the Columbus Metro Library, Columbus Museum of Art and the ACA Galleries in New York City among other places. Kamau is known best for his photography work, which includes over a half century of photo documenting the landscape of Columbus. His work can be seen at the Ohio Craft Museum, the King Arts Complex and in the upcoming unveiling of the Long Street Cultural Wall among other places.

For more info, visit www.aminahsworld.orgwww.kojophotosusa.net and www.lincolntheatrecolumbus.com.

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One Response to Kojo Kamau and Aminah Robinson Inducted into Walk of Fame

  1. mrsgeedeck June 30, 2014 1:46 pm at 1:46 pm

    The Columbus State Community College Library also has a small collection of photographs by Kamau and two original Robinson’s on display in their permanent art collection. I believe they are encouraging the public to park in the CSCC garage for the unveiling of the bridge, so it might be worth stopping by to check out their work.



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