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Jobu Ramen Coming to Grandview Avenue

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Jobu Ramen Coming to Grandview AvenuePhotos via Jobu Ramen.
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Good bowls of ramen can be hard to find in this city. So when Michael Kopfman, who works for the Cameron Mitchell family of restaurants, came back from a trip to the Bay Area, he decided to bring his new-found passion for the Asian street food to Columbus.

Kopfman teamed up with John Franke of local Mashita Noodles Food Cart, and together the guys will be opening Jobu Ramen this May in Grandview. The new restaurant will be located at 1439 Grandview Avenue, the former site of Mazah Mediterranean Eatery.

Customers will not have to wait that long to try Kopfman and Franke’s take on ramen though. This Friday and Saturday, March 28th and 29th, Jobu Ramen will host a pop-up at Double Happiness in the Brewery District to preview their menu.


Diners will be able to choose from at least three different kinds of broth that they can then customize with meats, vegetables, and eggs. There will also be house-made kimchi, BBQ kimchi burritos, and five-spice Kara-aged wings. There will also be a special spicy ramen for those who dare.

“We are extremely excited about this event,” shares Kopfman and Franke. “We cannot wait to share our love of this art with such an awesome city.”

The pop-up dinner will run from 5pm till midnight. Double Happiness is located at 482 South Front Street. For more on Jobu Ramen, visit www.joburamen.com.

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  • mrsgeedeck

    Cannot wait to try this! Any word on weather they also have vegetarian options (vegetable broth at least)?

  • Ekopfman

    There will be delicious vegetarian and vegan options available!

  • andy

    this is great! but where is Mazah going?

  • Ekopfman

    Mazah is just moving to the corner where Grinders used to be (a bigger space for them!)

    • andy

      that’s awesome!

      we’ve been getting our ramen fill at tensuke market, where the ramen, udon, & soba are as good as anything I had in japan. but it will be great to have a ramen place I can walk to! now if only we had a decent sushi restaurant on grandview ave (the current options don’t rate very well, though I’m not naming names here…)

  • catnfiddle

    I have never had real ramen and need to shake the taste memory of the cardboard noodle I slurped down in college. This should do the trick.

  • Is that meant to be “karaage wings”?

  • Twixlen

    Oh man. After a recent experience with ramen – the noodles were great, but the broth smelled like a cinnamon toaster pastry, and tasted equally sweet – I have been craving savory, rich broth. Looking forward to trying this!

  • ayayay

    Cucumber and avocado in ramen? Are you kidding me? This is not real japanese ramen.

    • DavidF

      Who cares? Good is good. The quest for “authentic” is highly overrated. My first wife was Chinese and when her parents emigrated here, I was embarassed when we ran across Americanized Chinese food. They could have cared less. All they wanted was delicous. Got me over my food snobbery pretty quickly.

      • ayayay

        I do. Lately there are so many so called ramen places popped up. Over priced for watery broth ramen. Maybe you don’t care spending your money on so-so food. But i sure the hell dont wanna waste my money on nasty food.

        • DavidF

          Again, authentic and good are not the same thing. It doesn’t have to be “authentic” to be worth trying. If it’s sub par, then it doesn’t matter whether it meets some arbitrary test of authenticity.

          • ayayay

            i only said this is not real japanese ramen in my first comment. I did not say if the ramen at jobu’s is good or not. I have tried those non “authentic” ramen places and most are horrible and overpriced.

    • Ramen to me is like the word salad. It’s only a foundation to be built on. Get creative, or go to Japan.

  • andy

    by the way, in case anyone was curious, I emailed Jobu to ask if they will have gluten-free options, and they wrote back:

    • andy

      not sure the html worked on my last comment. here’s what they wrote:

      “We will be using rice noodles when we open, and are working with our noodle manufacturer to make an actual gluten free ramen noodle. All of our broths will be available gluten free as well. Thank you for your support.


  • Circle8ght

    these pictures look amazing! can’t wait to try it!

  • CatLady145

    I cannot wait!!! Tensuke Market is really great, but this stuff looks amazing :)

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