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Retail Renovation Coming to Italian Village in Summer 2016

Walker Evans Walker Evans Retail Renovation Coming to Italian Village in Summer 2016Renderings via Architectural Alliance.
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A pair of warehouse buildings in Italian Village will be reborn next summer as a retail hub for small businesses when local developers at Capitol Equities completes a full renovation planned for the site. Located at 995 North Fourth Street, the property takes up the entire block between Fourth Street, Third Avenue, Hamlet Street and Punta Alley.

“We’re happy to be renovating and preserving the existing buildings there, as it will add character to this development,” said Capitol Equities Principle Todd Kemmerer. “The presentation of the existing buildings should be keeping in line with Seventh Son and Fox in the Snow — it should be a nice development when all is done.”

Since the project is a renovation and not new construction, the turnaround time is slated to be quick. Kemmerer expects to start construction around March 1st with spaces available for tenants by July 1st. He said that the retail mix should include two restaurant anchors and five other smaller offices or storefronts.

“We’ve got a short list of people who have already showed interest,” added Kemmerer. “Some of them are existing retailers — destinations and service-based business — who are located on High Street and are calling us because they suffer from the lack of parking in the Short North.”

The parking configuration of the site was something that Capitol Equities and the Italian Village Commission fought over earlier this year. In March, Commission members took issue with the proposed conversion of the back half of the site into an additional parking lot. The lot ended up gaining approval in July, although a parking variance approved this week brought the total number of spots down from 100 to 60.

“We stuck to our guns because I want to park as many cars as we can without pushing cars from our retailers out into the streets of the neighborhood,” explained Kemmerer. “I think we found the right balance.”

In addition to cars, Kemmerer added that there will be parking spots designated for bikes, scooters and motorcycles, with landscaping and screening planned for both the front and back lots.

More information will be announced soon on the first tenants for the new retail development.

All renderings via Architectural Alliance.





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  • Wish they could’ve fought against the parking in the back… Gotten some townhouses against Hamlet instead

    • Something like this, maybe? The homes could either face Hamlet or even into the site

      • I believe that exact idea was pushed by some of the commission members, but I don’t believe the developer had any interest in building town homes (at least not at this point in time).

        While the parking lot is certainly not idea, I have to imagine it will be pretty well utilized with the amount of retail going in. 60 spots is probably the minimum of what you’d find at most individual restaurants in the suburbs. Sharing 60 spots for 2 restaurants plus five more tenants is likely going to be pretty optimized.

  • Miracle

    I am ok with the parking in the back, i wish they could have done something other than parking in the front. I get its a fairly large space, so i would have been happy if even some of it was designated to something other than parking.

  • mbeaumont

    The landscaping and screening of the parking needs to be denser than what is shown. I live right across the street from that parking lot and I really hope the commission pushes them to make sure that it is screened as much as possible.

  • Kaydee Laney

    Is there any kind of update on this project? They must be pretty far behind schedule since its past July 1st and it looks like they’re just getting started on this renovation.

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