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I-71 Ranked as Most Dangerous Highway in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans I-71 Ranked as Most Dangerous Highway in OhioPhoto by Walker Evans.
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If you’re going to die in a crash on a highway in Ohio, I-71 is the place it’s most likely to happen. According to the latest federal data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Interstate-71 is the most dangerous in our state.

The Ohio section of this highway (which continues down to Louisville in Kentucky) sees an average of 18 fatal crashes per year. The calculations, compiled by vehicle tech company Geotab, takes the annual number of road fatalities and fatal crashes and adjusts for the average daily traffic count.

Florida tops the list with the most dangerous highway in America: US-1. The section that runs through that state has documented over 1,000 fatal crashes in the past decade.

Construction on I-71 and I-70 in Downtown Columbus is expected to continue with new projects that begin soon. Work on a new Grant Avenue Bridge over the highways will be begin this summer while the next major phase of the I-70/I-71 split fix is planned to start in 2018.

To view the full list of dangerous highways, visit www.geotab.com.

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  • Tony Romano

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. 71 is a horrific experience – any section, near any exit, any time of day or night.

    • JDS

      Especially through downtown Columbus.

  • Matt Caffrey

    This study is silly. There are more miles of I-71 in Ohio than of any other highway. It would be better if this classification was based on traffic fatalities per mile or even per driven mile.

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