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Holiday Cookies at Bierberg Bakery

Walker Evans Walker Evans Holiday Cookies at Bierberg Bakery
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Photo by Shimboon (Kit) Yoon

There’s a great new article posted by Kit Yoon over on the CoolColumbus blog about the tiny Bierberg Bakery in the heart of German Village. Not only does she share some great photos of one of the best kept secrets in the region, she also provides some history about the owners, their migration to Columbus and some inspirational words for the holidays.

The full article can be read here: “Bierberg Bakery“.

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  • mellotron

    Great article, will get over there soon, for sure.

    Confused about the line at the end.  Are they open just for the holidays?

  • DavidF

    Haven’t read the article yet, but it’s always been my understanding that they are only open around Christmas.

  • Mello – Yep, only open for holidays. Not a year-round store.

  • TaraK

    Found this place the other day for the first time — a true gem & worth stopping in!

  • Very nice find!

  • eslocke036

    Back in 1997 I heard about this wonderful bakery from Fred Wittich (of Wittich’s Candy Store, Circleville) and I’ve been making purchases off and on there since. They didn’t even have a sign back then.

  • Please note this place is Cash only, just in case you go down there without thinking about that.

    Glad to see this post, I would have never found this palace had I not lived around the corner for a bit.

  • LittleJohn

    Popular Topic, there is an article in the current issue of Edible Columbus with some good pics as well


  • Wootie

    How is it that I’ve lived here my entire life and I just found out about this place?  Bought a little $5 box a few minutes ago….fantastic!  Re: cash only, I think I remember seeing a sign that indicated that they took checks.

  • One of my favorite CBus XMas traditions.  Very cool stuff.

  • Merion Village Mama

    OMG!  Super yum! Almond Macaroons, Coconut Drops, Pecan Bars, Rum Balls, Vanilla Sticks, Marzipan, etc. 

  • Bierberg Bakery opens today for the 2011 Holiday Season.

  • ajwitt

    I went there for the first time today.  Awesome find!  I am sure I will be making as many excuses as possible to go again.  They do take cash and checks.

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