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Historic Discovery District Building to be Redeveloped

Brent Warren Brent Warren Historic Discovery District Building to be RedevelopedPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Renovation work has begun on a historic three-story brick building at the northeast corner of Long Street and Grant Avenue downtown. Debbie Rosenfeld and development partner Bryan Savage have purchased the building, along with two adjacent, one-story warehouse buildings.

Savage plans to use the first floor of the brick building as office space for his company, Savage Real Estate. That space, where much of the original 1880’s-era tin ceiling remains intact, had been used since about 1970 as the office for Inkling Printing. The warehouse space is still filled with printing presses, large paper-cutting machines, and other artifacts from the business.

“Our intention is to renovate and restore,” said Rosenfeld, adding that, despite the challenge of clearing out the the buildings, “it’s very exciting to bring the place to life.”

The second and third floors will be developed as a residential unit, while three retail spaces with storefronts on Long Street are planned for the warehouse building.

Rosenfeld said that they’ve had preliminary discussions with an interested tenant but will spend some time looking for the right mix. She thinks the location is good, with foot traffic from students at CCAD and Columbus State and close proximity to new apartment and condo developments like Neighborhood Launch.

“We’re looking for neighborhood-enhancing tenants” she said, adding that with the new Betty’s location, Brioso Coffee, and other new additions to the immediate area, “this could be the next hopping place downtown.”

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  • A great building! My friend’s grandfather owned it–very good people. Looking forward to its renovation!

  • Rhododendron

    I absolutely love this building. I wonder where all those old printing presses are going to go…

    • I got a tour of the building. Some of the equipment has been removed already, but one gigantic piece of equipment was discovered to be from the 50s or 60s and is no longer deemed safe for use or repurposing. Can only be broken down for scrap.

      There were boxes and boxes of old print job aluminum plates that will be recycled. The Columbus Historical Society got to go through some of them to retrieve old items that can be used for upcoming exhibitions and displayed at events. Pretty cool.

      Can’t wait to see the transformation of this building. As a Near East Side resident, I’ve probably driven/walked by this building 5000 times in the past few years and always hoped that someone would eventually rehab it:


      Glad to see the progress is finally being made!

  • I got to tour the building on Friday. Lots of cool stuff remains and still work to do, but this will be an amazing addition to the district!

  • gmcsoccer

    it would look much nicer without all those traffic signal wires crossing the view

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