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High Buttles Apartment Building to be Renovated

Walker Evans Walker Evans High Buttles Apartment Building to be RenovatedPhoto by Walker Evans.
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In a recent interview, developer Michael Schiff told CU Writer Brent Warren that plans to renovate the apartment building located at the southwest corner of Buttles and High are moving forward soon. The building currently houses several retail businesses including Two Fish, Red and Kingmakers Board Game Parlour as well as 40 apartments on the upper floors.

“When we’re done there’s going to be 35 units because we’re making them bigger, and much nicer,” Schiff told Warren. “The old units had kind of weird layouts, so they’ll have better layouts, and be kind of condo-style apartments.”

Schiff added that they should begin the renovation sometime around the beginning of July. Future plans may include an addition to the south side of the building which currently houses a city-owned surface parking lot.

“The lot has an easement, because the owner of the building gives a 30 foot easement to the city for the parking lot,” he explained. “So technically, we’re the only logical buyer cause those 30 feet reverts back to us if they sell it. So our goal is to eventually buy that and build a nice building there too, something that would have retail, office and apartments.”

Schiff is the Principal of Schiff Capital Group, which is involved in many current development projects including The Atlas Building, the LeVeque Tower, Aston Place, Hubbard Park Place, Parkside on Pearl and others.

For more updates on all of those projects, CLICK HERE to read his recent interview.

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  • heresthecasey

    Great news that the city parking lot is officially on the radar for development!

    I imagine once the new Pizutti garage opens up later this year and/or the parking study currently underway finishes, the timing will be right to move on that property. Exciting stuff!

  • King Gambrinus

    I hope as part of the renovation they power wash the exterior of the building. That third floor decorative frieze (unsure of correct architectural term) is pitch black. I bet it would look amazing if it were cleaned up.

  • heresthecasey – just to clarify, the Pizutti projects actually will result in a big net loss of parking spaces in the Short North despite the fact that they are building and continually bragging about the parking garage that is part of the project.

    Would love to see this renovation include better retail/restaurant tenants than the current ones.

    • heresthecasey

      Really? Is that because not all of the spaces in the garage will be available to the public at all times? I hadn’t heard the specifics on that yet.

      Just by the numbers though the new garage will have 313 spaces, whereas the old public surface lot had 40, and the private lot on the west side of High had 39. Even counting what looks like were around 25 spaces on the UTC building’s property, the neighborhood should come out well ahead parking-wise as a result of the project.

      Oh, also I agree with you that the building should get better tenants than the two Dae Oh bars (Red and Two Fish) there now. :)

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