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Handke’s Cuisine Presents “encore”

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Press Release:
Handke’s Cuisine Presents “encore”

Offering cuisine in the manner and quality for which the restaurant is world-renowned, Handke’s Cuisine announces the opening of “encore.”  “encore” presents a small-plate menu that allows guests to experience a variety of global tastes at lower prices than the Zagat-rated, AAA Four Diamond restaurant.

Executive Chef Asa J. Rodriguez has designed plates which guests are encouraged to mix and match playfully.  Chef’s menu is casual and affordable, but at a fine dining standard.   In extending the offerings of Handke’s Cuisine, Chef Rodriguez said he uses “the highest quality ingredients, simply prepared, letting the food speak for itself.”

“Our clients and our neighbors in the Brewery District have asked when we might reopen what was formerly “Bistro 520 at Handke’s Cuisine,” said owners Tim and Lorie Phalen. “We’re excited to present “encore” to them.  “encore” is a gathering place for the community to entertain friends, family and clients in a less formal atmosphere than Handke’s Cuisine, but with the same attention to detail and commitment to our clients’ highest expectations.”

Some of the menu items offered are: a quartet of miniature black angus burgers with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and bell pepper ketchup; miniature lamb burgers with tzatziki and fontina cheese; a Cuban “smash” sandwich with pork, ham, swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and whole dill pickles; stuffed barbeque glazed quail with a mixed green salad; Handke’s Cajun-seasoned shrimp with bleu cheese dressing and a romaine chiffonade; country pate with pistachio, sweet breads, foie gras and veal with a navy bean ragout.

encore is located at 520 S. Front Street, upstairs at Handke’s Cuisine in the former Schlee brewery in the historic Brewery District of German Village. Encore is open from 4:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday; the kitchen closes at 11:00 p.m. For information, please call (614) 744-2411.

The Phalens, Chef Rodriguez and staff invite you to relax and enjoy the hidden gem of Columbus, where a small town’s history meets a classical global food and service sensibility.

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  • Very cool. Kind of like their version of Details. This is a trend I applaud.

  • drew

    I like the sound of this… will be curious to check it out.

  • Cool idea. But why do restaurants continue to serve veal and foie gras? Isn’t the world over luxury cruelty yet?

  • what about prices? come on im a midwesterner..i need my price list! oh its affordable..and then i get there and its like 13 bucks for four fancy sliders

  • We went to check this out over the weekend.  Pretty comparable with Details on price and menu.  I had:

    “Antipasto Plate”
    House Cured Meats, Cheese and Marinated Vegetables $12.00
    and the
    “Cuban Smash”
    Pork, Ham, Swiss, Dijon Mustard and Dill Pickles $6.00
    along with two cocktails (a sidecar and a old fashioned.)  My bill came to about $30.  Overall, very nice place and worth checking out.

  • Dear Encore: this is for your own good so please don’t be offended.  Your wine list needs serious help.  That is all.  

  • bjboose

    Went there last night and I have to say it…..was not good.  The service was so unbelievably slow and I was so ready to leave that I paid for a couple plates that never came just to get out of there.

    There were 2 of us and we were the only ones in the place ordering food.  Took 20 minutes to get our pizza which was actually really good, but overpriced.  Took ANOTHER 15 minutes to get the salad even though it was supposed to come after the pizza.  Keep in mind, this was a $4 small salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and dressings.

    Then waited another 15 minute for FRENCH FRIES.  It was at this point that packed we it in and paid for the fries and sliders that I couldn’t wait another 30 mins for.

    It was so maddening.  I do not understand.  If they cant handle 2 people, how can they handle a full dining room?  That is also all.

  • GF and I went there last night (Thursday) and had a great experience. It was not busy, the service was very good. Food came out at a reasonable time. She had the gorgonzola and pear pizza I had the surf and turf slyders. Portions were small but fairly priced.

    Not sure what happened with the previous commenter, but that was not our experience with Encore at all. Does not appear to be consistent.

  • Andrew Hall

    Lisa is right – worst wine list I’ve seen in a long time.

    And actually calling the drink on the list a ‘John Daly’ is something better left for frat boy joints.


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