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Goodale Street Bike Improvements to Connect Multiple Urban Neighborhoods

Walker Evans Walker Evans Goodale Street Bike Improvements to Connect Multiple Urban Neighborhoods
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More construction is coming to Goodale Street this summer as work begins on a new bikeways connector that will help convert this auto-centric stretch of Downtown roadway into a more pedestrian and bike-friendly corridor. The project will connect Goodale Street to the existing bike trail that runs along the Olentangy River, which is currently inaccessible due to the river on one side of it and State Route 315 on the other.

“These improvements began a few years ago and are very important because it connects the Downtown core of the city with Harrison West, Grandview Heights, and the Olentangy Trail,” said Bradley Westall, Greenways Planner at the City of Columbus. “Having a bikeway built onto the deck of the bridge is a big safety improvement, and there will soon be more routes, connections, and destinations along the Olentangy corridor into neighborhoods, attractions, and the campus of The Ohio State University.”

The new connector also provides front-door access to the bike trail system for the new five-story 174-unit 600 Goodale apartment community that is currently under construction.

“It’s a really wonderful amenity for our residents and the city of Columbus as a whole,” said Brett Kaufman, CEO of Kaufman Development, the firm developing 600 Goodale. “The community at 600 Goodale will now be easily tied into Grandview, Downtown, OSU, Victorian Village and more within a matter of minutes by bike.”

In addition to the bridge connector to the Olentangy trail , the updates will create a designated bike path along the north side of Goodale Street that connects to the new Harrison West Rail Trail completed last summer. The project also creates multiple vista viewpoints where pedestrians or bikers can pause to take in the wooden scenery of the riverfront.

“The current highway bridge, like most around town, offers almost no visual look at the river corridor and gives off an intimidating feel for anyone who rides or walks over it,” said Westall. “This project will celebrate views of the river corridor, and offer some architectural punch for Goodale and 315; almost all completely forgotten landscape.”

The Goodale Street Bike Improvements project will cost $3.2 million, 80% of which is funded through federal dollars designated by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). Construction will begin sometime this summer and it is scheduled to open for use in the Spring of 2014.

Rendering created by URS Corporation.

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  • bjones7

    Really cool design! Very surprise they didn’t cut the ramp out and opted in for stairs with a wheel ramp to push your bike down, like with the Lane Ave Bridge connector to bike trail. Would of been cheaper!

  • 0Angle

    This sounds great. So it connects to the Olentangy/Scioto trail, or does it follow Goodale into the Arena District?

  • futureman

    It does not follow Goodale into the Arena District. This will provide access from the recently converted railroad bridge at the entrance to 315 on Goodale (across the street from white castle).

    IMO this will provide access to the southern sections of Harrison West/Victorian village. It is not however, a viable entrance to downtown going along goodale. You’d be better off staying on the trail entering it from North Bank park.

  • stephentszuter

    I’m having a hard time understanding where this will be. I don’t know those areas very well.

  • @stephen – It will go here: http://goo.gl/maps/ZMqSJ

  • stephentszuter

    @Walker – Hahaha thank you.

  • jpizzow

    Well that was unexpected. I really like the lookout but wish it were slanted more to the northeast. There is nothing relaxing about looking over a highway. Either way, glad to see this happening and will be using it often.

  • dru

    Further to point of @Oangel and @futureman – if you look at the aerial images of the new Harrison West rail to trail connector to Goodale, you can see where the former rail spur cuts a path just east of the White Castle offices, under 670 and down a path along the tracks to the LC Pavilion. If they wanted to connect the trail into the Arena District, this would be a great connection (which would also work to connect the Buggyworks and any new development of the land once marked for the casino).

  • hdtvohio

    I agree with @Futureman. This is definitely great for the very local area and the new apartments, and even for Grandview, but it still doesn’t solve the fact that Goodale and Vine in that area still aren’t bike friendly at all.

    Something I wonder is based on Geography, it would seem that this could potentially lead to a connection to the 670 trail. Is that an eventual goal? to get the olentangy trail connected to the 670 trail?

    I know with the Cap and crossing high street it probably isn’t realistic to even ask that question, but it’s something I couldn’t help but think about

  • Here’s some of the maps of current/future trail updates:


  • So did they get the easement to connect from the apartments being built at 600 Goodale north to where the Harrison West Park community center is? (Behind Superior Beverage, etc.) And is that part of this improvement?

  • musicfan2

    can someone make up a map of how and where this is going and it’s actual physical location. Can’t find anything on the urs corps website either.

  • dru

    @lisa – the Harrison West connector was already completed in early fall
    From 600 Goodale you would have to cross the on/off entrance to 315 (light at Goodale), but then there is a connector on the old rail bridge that will take you back through to Harrison Park. A small stretch of it is through the parking lots around Superior, but it is an easy connection.

  • surber17

    I talked to someone when they were building the rail bridge and the problem with Vine Street under the highway is the jurisdiction changes so they didn’t have any real pull to get that section changed to a more pedestrian friendly design even though they really want to.

  • JSammon512

    Great stuff. Still dying for improvements to 3rd ave (sidewalk) around the area that they have under construction now. Riding my bike down 3rd from Grandview toward the trail feels like a death sentence.

  • vespamary

    @dru Actually, the Harrison West Society applied for and received UIRF funds to continue the trail that runs through Harrison Park behind Superior (as Lisa stated) and to the rail trail. Right now it more or less ends at Harrison Park (due to the apartment construction). But the plan was approved and should move forward this year.

  • dru

    @mary – thanks, i thought they were just going to do sharrows down the alleyways. a full trail will be nice. while the focus has been on pedaling, I think the Harrison West connector and this new ramp at Goodale create some great jogging loops. Once you were on the path at 3rd you essentially had to head downtown. now you have multiple intervals.

  • rodrudinger

    The new trail is nice, but leaves a lot to be desired. As I understand it, there is no connection to either the Arena District, either via Goodale or Old Goodale, and no connection to Michigan Avenue. Also, anyone wishing to access the trail from the west has to use the Goodale Underpass under the CSX Tracks. There are currently no plans for connecting to Grandview Heights.

  • @rodrudinger – Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Gotta build step one before you can build step two and three and four and five.

    As for a connection to Grandview Heights, perhaps some pressure should be put on the city of Grandview Heights to make that connection? ;)

  • HogRoaster

    I don’t think Grandview would have any problem running a bike trail from GV Yard on Goodale to the city limit at the railroad underpass. Cooperating with the City of Columbus to connect the two cities and build a path in Columbus is the problem. These two cities really need to become better neighbors.

    Until Nationwide agreed to move hundreds of jobs from Dublin to downtown, Coleman had every intention of sabotaging GV Yard because he knew that he controls 3rd Ave and both railroad underpasses. His theory was, “if our neighbors have something nice, it’s going to steal jobs from us.” Now, what we’re seeing is all kinds of redevelopment in the Columbus area that buts up to GV Yard (think 600 Goodale, new Giant Eagle, Bar 145, etc) and a coinciding increase in Columbus’s tax base. This improvement to Columbus would have never happened if Grandview hadn’t first offered Nationwide all kinds of incentives to make GV Yard a reality.

    I’m not sure where it officially stands, but aren’t there plans for a better bike connection along 3rd Ave whenever they widen that street? This street is entirely in Columbus, will see a huge increase in traffic due to COLUMBUS’S new Giant Eagle, and will either be paid for by Columbus’s TIF for that area or possibly Grandview’s TIF in the area that borders it directly to the south of the path. This path will host bikers both from Columbus (think Meridian Apts, Byrnes Pub / Woodlands neighbors) and Grandview, so why can’t these cities work together for the better good of the entire area?

  • cbus11

    Columbus is paying for the widening of 3rd and the very expensive replacement of those high traffic railroad bridges. You have to keep in mind that Grandview does not have the funds that Columbus has and that a major incentive for the tax abated Nationwide Grandview Yard project was the need to replace lost revenue from the closure of the Big Bear Warehouse. Its closure was a major hit for Grandview.

  • futureman

    @HogRoaster – “I’m not sure where it officially stands, but aren’t there plans for a better bike connection along 3rd Ave whenever they widen that street? ”

    I’ve heard that bike lanes are going to be installed on 3rd ave from Olentangy to Edgehill Rd when the road is widened and railroad bride replaced. That is a long way off though.

    Also, I thought I read that Grandview would also be paying for a portion of the the widening of 3rd ave and the railroad bridge.

  • djr

    Construction work started in November 2013. Bridge over Scioto River is the first phase followed by span over SR-315. Follow Bike Commuting Columbus facebook for latest updates, detours, plans, and view this project via photo album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151735682062601.1073741834.59001322600&type=1&l=fbb072a212 In the meantime sharrows are in place along Twin Rivers Dr with brand new crosswalk over SR-33/Dublin https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151616077802601.1073741831.59001322600&type=1&l=82a47c328b connecting to newly extended Scioto Trail – connecting to Grandview Ave/I-670 ramp and further northwest to 5th Ave.

  • djr

    Construction has started with crews first building bridge to span Olentangy River then over to SR-315. Project photos are being archived by Bike Commuting Columbus facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151735682062601.1073741834.59001322600&type=1&l=fbb072a212
    In the meantime to the southwest, Twin Rivers Dr has been totally resurfaced with sharrows and sidewalk along entire corridor – see https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151616077802601.1073741831.59001322600&type=1&l=82a47c328b

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