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Giant Eagle Closing on Fifth Ave, Grandview Yard Store Opens Sept 5

Walker Evans Walker Evans Giant Eagle Closing on Fifth Ave, Grandview Yard Store Opens Sept 5Photo by Walker Evans.
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The long-anticipated opening of the new Grandview Yard Giant Eagle Market District store is scheduled to officially open in two more months, while the smaller West Fifth Avenue store prepares to officially be closed.

“We have long appreciated the opportunity to service our customers at this location, and look forward to introducing a new world of food at our new Grandview Yard Market District,” said Giant Eagle spokesperson Dan Donovan in a statement emailed today.

The older location at 1451 West Fifth Avenue opened as a Giant Eagle in 2004, following the closure of the Big Bear grocery store that was located there prior. The old store is approximately 60,000 square feet, whereas the new Grandview Yard Market District store at 840 West Third Avenue is over 90,000 square feet and will operate 24/7.

No word yet on what may replace the store on Fifth Avenue, though many local residents have expressed a need for another grocer with Trader Joe’s often mentioned as a desired replacement. All employees at the Fifth Avenue Giant Eagle will be offered employment opportunities at one of the company’s regional stores.

Update 7/31 2:00pm — The Grandview Yard store will host its grand opening on September 5th.

For ongoing discussion of the Grandview Yard Giant Eagle, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

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  • And no word as to the future status of the Giant Eagle on Neil Avenue at Buttles? I think many in the Victorian Village neighborhood have assumed it will close as a result of the Grandview Yard Giant Eagle Market District; however, no official word has been offered. And for what it’s worth, if it does close WE want Trader Joe’s (or Fresh Market or Lucky’s) to replace it, too!

    • No word on that store. My assumption is that the recent liquor store renovation means that it will remain open for now. It always seems to be a busy store, and I imagine it will continue to be even when the big new Market District store opens. Easier to get in-and-out of the smaller stores.

  • drdbteach01

    I asked an employee of the GE on Neil recently if they were closing; she said, “absolutely not…we are not closing.” I hope she’s correct…that store is part of the neighborhood…

  • Stephen43215

    This new store promotes no walkability what so ever! Such a suburban design for the inner city!

    • Jason Powell

      I agree 100%. The design is terrible. Most people would say it is a step forward, whereas I think it is a step backwards. (cue “better than a vacant lot” comment)

  • Jason Powell

    Neil Avenue is ripe for a Trader Joe’s. However, I wish someone would come along and redevelop up to the street. It would be nice to enjoy Trader Joe treats on an outdoor patio. It would look so much better too.

  • johnson1797

    GE owns the land on Fifth Ave, and I’ve heard they can/will be selective to whom they sell to. It would seem unlikely that they’d sell to a competitor unless the city has a say. But again, this is hearsay, so I’ll stop spreading rumors now.

  • FYI — Just heard that September 5th is the official grand opening date for the new store.

  • futureman

    @johnson1797 – Giant Eagle does *not* own the store or land on 5th ave – KRG does.


  • I’d love for a small grocer to open up in whatever will become of the old Giant Eagle lot. For example a Lucky’s or Trader Joes.

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