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Giant Eagle Closing Neil Avenue Store on Saturday

Walker Evans Walker Evans Giant Eagle Closing Neil Avenue Store on Saturday
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The time has officially come for the Neil Avenue Giant Eagle to close, as was previously announced at the beginning of the year. Signs posted on the front entrance proclaim that this Saturday, March 4th will be the final day of business for the store, and that customers are being asked to visit the Grandview Yard Market District store instead.

No immediate plans for the space have been announced. The property is owned by local developer CASTO, which could seek a new replacement tenant, or potentially redevelop the site in Victorian Village.

Giant Eagle announced in January that two other stores would also close: the North Side store at 1000 East Dublin-Granville Road and the Hilliard store at 1760 Hilliard-Rome Road. A representative for Giant Eagle stated that they are working to relocate employees into other positions in other locations.

For more information, visit www.gianteagle.com.

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  • Jason Powell

    Redevelop bringing the building up to the street with room for sidewalk seating and trader Joe’s as an anchor. Done.

  • Maria Conroy

    Technically, the site is in Harrison West, though the impacts are felt mostly in VV. Also, CASTO is well underway ramping up the site for a high rise mixed use effort that, in my mind, will be more a detriment than an asset. I’d say no leases get renewed and unless the community stands up to it, it’ll be a more intense and less useful addition.

  • Chris Boring

    The liquor agency remains open…Giant Eagle is having trouble selling its license…according to liquor clerk at Grandview store..

  • I know the article doesn’t say but has anyone heard any rumblings whatsoever about what might be going in? Something like a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Lucky Market would make a KILLING in that space.

    • Stephen Francis

      It had been discussed elsewhere that Giant Eagle owns a stake in the building so they are not likely to lease to a competitor. The location is also ripe for demolishing and redevelopment into a mixed use. I might expect it to sit vacant for awhile

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