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German Village Featured in The Dispatch

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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We happily admit that we’re big fans of the “Where we Live” series in The Dispatch, penned on a regular basis by Mark Ferenchik. This feature shines a spotlight on various urban neighborhoods and provides a look at why residents choose to live in these specific areas, and what makes them special.

The first installation of 2012 highlights German Village, an area known for bumpy brick streets, beautiful brick homes, and some of the city’s best restaurants.

CLICK HERE to read the full article at Dispatch.com.

Also, to take a virtual tour of some of the homes of German Village, click on the images below to read their corresponding “At Home” articles by Anne Evans:

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  • Nice read but I wish he would have expanded on the historic part a bit more.  Yes it is the largest historic district in the country and he says that in one small minor sentence but it would have been nice to add more to that.
    Now the complaining starts in the comments about how the commissions micro manages changes to the houses like they just do it cause its fun (unlike Dublin or those silly “home owners associations”)
    Actually this article seems like it was writing last minute after a long new years eve out.  Pretty weak for the best known hood in the city…

  • New smart phone app for German Village

    19th Century District Launches 21st Century Technology

    New for the near year — visit germanvillage.com on your smart phone for a completely new digital mobile experience to help you navigate one of Columbus’s oldest and most popular neighborhoods.

    The site is outward facing – it is meant to help visitors navigate our businesses and our history on their own. Visitors can find maps to local businesses, follow their own historic walking tours and find event listings. This is perfect for the person who needs quick information concerning the German Village community on their mobile device.

    The site is based on the same “shop-dine-stroll” concept as the GVBusinessCommunity.com site. German Village Business Community is a committee of the German Village Society. Initial navigation on the mobile site includes the following categories: shop, dine, stroll, stay, services, events, donate.

    Each storefront listing includes a photo, a short description and a map of where the business is and where you are.

    The stroll sub-navigation includes: Tours, where users have the option to access each of the three walking tours as previously developed by the GVS Historic Preservation Committee.  Group tour information is also available; Parks contains information including GPS coordinates for each of the parks in the community; Architectural Details includes some of the most prominent details that embody the historic character of German Village —additionally, there will be photos and descriptions; and History is an abbreviated timeline of the German Village Society.

    Also from the landing page, click “services” to find the nearest dentist, investment advisor, dry cleaner, church and more.

    The site went into beta testing on Thanksgiving. It represents a big 21st century initiative for our 19th century neighborhood, showing once again how we blend the contemporary with the historic.

    Nine volunteers led the committee that created the mobile site. They represented residents and business owners, plus board members and staff.

    The mobile site was donated to the German Village Society by a donor, and built by that donor.

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