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German Village Cup O Joe Converting to Stauf’s Coffee Roasters

Walker Evans Walker Evans German Village Cup O Joe Converting to Stauf’s Coffee RoastersPhoto by Walker Evans.
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German Village coffee drinkers will soon be trading in their Cup O Joe mugs for Stauf’s mugs at the coffee house at 627 South Third Street. The store, which has been undergoing renovations for the past month will be switching brands, though still owned by the same parent company.

Stauf’s President Mark Swanson says that the reason for the brand change is simple — because they’re installing a roaster.

“It’s a smaller roaster, and it will only be operated a few days a week,” says Swanson. “The German Village Stauf’s roaster will provide enough coffee for its own operations, just like the Stauf’s in Grandview does.”

Additionally, the renovated store will feature more retail operations and a more prominent baking component that includes house-made coffee cakes, muffins, scones, cookies and more. The change will also strip out the MoJoe Lounge branding and dinner/drinks offerings to return to basics with putting the coffee business front and center.

“I’m kind of excited to be able to roast around town in new locations,” added Swanson. “We’re training new people, and adding more roasters to the growing city. We plan to feature different types of coffee at each location as well.”

The German Village Stauf’s is scheduled to open in early July if deadlines are met, which should be roughly the same timeframe that the new North Market Stauf’s also opens.

For more information, visit www.staufs.com.

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  • This is great news, I am really excited! Hope they are on schedule. Fingers crossed.

  • I’ll miss the MoJoe Lounge side of the business, but it always seemed to be a less busy location while the Cup O Joe side was always jam packed. Probably a smart business move to go more coffee-centric for this location.

    Can’t wait to see the transformation when it re-opens!

  • MHJ

    This seems to be going really slowly or even have ground to a halt. Does anybody have any updates on the renovation and re-opening?

  • Patch

    Seriously, MHJ you are correct.

    The closed shop in Bexley states has a sign stating that the GV location will open today (9/17).

    I drove by, its not open yet…

  • When I spoke to Mark Swanson on Friday he said that they were aiming for this week if their equipment was installed, inspected and up and running on time. It sounds like they hit a lot of snags with permits, inspections and GV commission approvals. Their exterior work has not even begun as they had to resubmit work that they hope to get approved by GV in October.

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