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Garden Theater Sign Relit Tonight

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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What a high-energy event! I went out tonight to check out Yummy and thought I’d get some quick photos of the Garden Theater’s sign lit up. Little did I know that I made it just in time for the countdown. So many people were packed around the outside of the theater, cheering and counting down. It was really exciting. Someone came by and asked me what was going on and if someone famous was over there! I overheard others saying they are so excited for the theater to be reopening and bringing more attention to the north end of the Short North. What a great night for the Short North Stage and Columbus and I can’t wait to see Follies!

Fantastic crowd gathered for the countdown

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  • leftovers

    Looks great! I imagine Kramer lives in the apartment behind the sign.

  • MichaelC

    My friend Bob Sakamano lives there, too: he says it’s so green it feels like he’s living in Shrek’s swamp.
    But seriously, the sign looks great.

  • bldng4jstc

    Is green the original color?  Great addition to the neighborhood!

  • beersie1

    Little video of the countdown!  What a great event!

  • Cool, thanks for shooting that video! Looks great!!

  • hey, i was standing right next to you!
    what an amazing event :)

  • video is great, thanks for sharing!

  • Looks great!  There are so many broken down signs around the city that I hope get fixed up and turned on like this.

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