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French Market and Restaurant Coming to Columbus Commons

Walker Evans Walker Evans French Market and Restaurant Coming to Columbus Commons
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A new french market and fine dining bistro will be coming this October to Downtown Columbus as local food entrepreneur Yavonne Sarber open her third concept known Chez Du Bon. The 5,000 square foot market place will feature fresh produce, baked goods, grab-and-go food, cheeses, flowers, beer, wine and more under tall 20-foot ceilings. During the evening hours, the space will boast a 40-seat French Bistro restaurant.

“We’re currently looking for input on what we’ll specifically carry,” says Sarber. “We want to serve the Downtown residential and office worker demographics with the things that they are currently lacking in this area.”

Sarber said that the location is not yet being revealed as they wrap up all agreements on the project, but said that it will be located adjacent to Columbus Commons in a former restaurant space.

Once open, Chez Du Bon’s market will serve customers seven days per week from 7am to 9pm. The restaurant will be open for dinner only from 5pm to 10pm.

“We also want to create some great picnic basket options that you can take to the park,” adds Sarber. “My husband and I live Downtown and we’re excited to provide another option so that residents don’t have to drive somewhere to find these types of things.”

Sarber and her husband Wade are the owners and operators of de-NOVO Bistro, Manifesto Tuscan Grato and the Capital Fitness Gym. She says that business is good at all three, with new signage arriving today at the gym and a 28-seat patio coming to Manifesto within the next two weeks.

For more information on Chez Du Bon, CLICK HERE to visit the CU Messageboard.

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  • mrpoppinzs

    Wow, this comes as a surprise. As a downtown resident I am really excited by this. The more market options the more robust and complete the neighborhood will be. It is about half the size of Hills but it seems to concentrate on select items, the items which carry more of a premium in freshness and which aren’t stock pantry items available elsewhere. I love the European way of shopping, frequent and walkable. This will be wonderful for those living near the Commons and the heart of downtown.

    Great news!

  • joshlapp

    AMAZING! Perhaps the best thing about many European countries is the ability to walk out the door and get fresh goods and groceries (not a corner store that sells cigs, pop, and 40’s). This is wonderful for downtown

    de Novo is great and Manifesto is one of my favorite bars. This couple deserves some kind of reward for injecting vibrancy into this area of downtown! The synergy happening in the area really making it into a place where I would be interested in living.

  • BrianW

    Terrific, wonderful idea. I plan to support this whole-heartly with my purchases once opened. I found the comment interesting regarding location in a “former restaurant space”. This would seem to rule out either the retail space under High Point, or Lazarous Building (maybe in the 5th/3rd Bldg around the corner from Manifesto). Also agree with the comment that Yavonne’s contribution to Downtown deserves an award (as does the food in their restaurants)!

  • futureman

    What’s the location? In the new buildings? Hmm, guess I should have read the article “located adjacent to Columbus Commons in a former restaurant space”

    Perhaps the old Wendy’s in the 5/3 building?

  • turbo ninja

    They totally should’ve opened this up on the north side, maybe in the Busch Blvd area, with great access from 71 and 161. I think that would be a great place for a Euro-type lifestyle/market concept with that kind of “Continental” feel.

  • mrmann

    I am thinking 5/3rd. This seems like a great idea. It will not only be nice for local residents and office workers but also for people picking up a fresh picnic lunch for the park. I am really impressed that it will be open 7am to 9pm seven days a week, with the restaurant open until 10pm.

    +3 to this comment:

    “This couple deserves some kind of reward for injecting vibrancy into this area of downtown!”

  • jpizzow

    After just getting back home from getting coffee at Café Brioso, bread and yogurt at The Hills and a few brownies from Sugardaddies, this is awesome news. Love doing the “European” grocery shopping. It should serve as a great amenity for the growing residential base within that immediate area.

    As for the former restaurant space, the only place I can think of remotely adjacent to the Commons is the old Wendy’s location.

  • Stephen43215

    How about the old First National Bank building at the corner of Towne and High? that would be so awesome! I love what they are bringing to the south end of downtown!!

  • Stephen43215

    I think the former Wendys has a second floor that opened to the first floor.

  • RhondaH

    Really neat!

  • bucki12

    Great news for all of the people moving downtown. It is great to see local entrepreneurs like these two taking the lead in downtown revitalization. I will gladly support their businesses.

  • mbeaumont

    Have to hand it to Yavonne and company. They are really investing in downtown and seem to be doing well with all of their concepts. More power to them. Their places aren’t always my cup of tea, but I have to give them credit for not half-assing their ventures and committing to a vision of what Downtown can be.

    I wish them nothing but success. Bravo.

  • susank

    Didn’t realize all of this was spear headed by a small group of people especially Yavonne & Wade Sarber. That is truly amazing. I think this market will be a great asset to downtown and I hope the people responsible are commended for their efforts. I hope people vote with their wallets. Ventures like these make downtown the place where people want to live.

  • What I would personally love to see is a mini North Market where the different sections (bakery, floral, beer/wine, produce) feel compartmentalized to a degree, almost like the vendor stalls at the North Market. They don’t necessarily have to each be separate businesses, but if they feel like separate businesses that could add a very cool feel to the format. It actually might be advantageous that you can shop from all of the different sections and pay once at a central checkout (something I know a lot of people would love to see as an option at the NM).

    I’ll also echo the comments above about Yavonne and Wade and their commitment to Downtown. Good people doing good things. Keep up the great work!

  • cbus11

    Really nice central location for a market, this will be very welcome downtown. The Sarbers deserve a gold star.

  • This is so cool, one of the things I’ve always thought as an “if I had tons of money..and knew how to really run a business” idea would be a small localized city/European style grocery store. Iove these types of places when you visit New York or any large metropolitan. Love what these guys are doing! On a side note, as a graphic designer..anyone else feel like they need help on their logos? Ugh, I’m such a graphic design snob and hate to be but I feel like if you’re gonna invest in the food and the atmosphere, shouldn’t you invest in your design? Maybe it’s just me.

  • jpizzow

    Could this be right next to Highpoint in the southern most space of the 5/3 building – the same space that was supposed to see the wall blown out, windows installed and outdoor patio. A market would be great there and outdoor seating overlooking the park would be a great feature for the bistro. Or, was that just a plan by the bank to provide an outdoor break area for employees?

  • ScottieByNature

    I have to admit, when I read the headline by itself, I immediately thought we were going to see a rebirth of the old French Market at the Continent (clearly turbo ninja had a similar reaction) and a sudden wave of nostalgia made the kid in me jump for joy. Anyone else have the same reaction?

    This sounds really cool though, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  • TaraK

    Everything about this seems wise, positive, and exciting.

  • Ezmerelda74

    I was with you, ScottieByNature!

  • Luke Streetwalker

    Agree with all. This is great news and can’t wait for it to be a reality. At the same time, we need people walking the area patronizing the local businesses like deNovo and also MoJoe Coffee Lounge.

  • The Sarcastic Medved

    Wasn’t this already tried before near Busch Blvd? You know, the “French Village”.
    Plus it had an indoor market called “The French Market”.

    It doesn’t seem positive or exciting just a rehash of already tried ideas.

  • susank

    I guess you could call it a grocery store. It still sounds exciting to me!

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