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Fox in the Snow Café Announced in Italian Village

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Fox in the Snow Café Announced in Italian VillageAll images / renderings via Fox in the Snow.
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It was recently announced that Fox in the Snow Café, a proposed high end bakery and third wave coffee shop, would be coming to the Short North/Italian Village area this summer. The latest java hut to join the scene is planned to open at 1031 North Fourth Street, a few doors down from St. James Tavern.

Fox in the Snow Café is named after the title of a Belle & Sebastian song, which has special significance to co-owners, Jeff Excell and Lauren Culley. Excell is a recent transplant from Brooklyn, NY, where he managed the East Coast flagship shop for Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg.


Culley managed the pastry production for cafés in Brooklyn and New York City, so when the pair decided to open a shop here in Columbus, it was with the intent of pairing gourmet coffee with a full-scale baking outfit.

“Everyone in Columbus has been extremely helpful, receptive, and kind,” Excell shares about the upcoming opening. “We’re excited to add to the already established food and coffee scene here.”

The concept for new cafe was presented to the Italian Village Commission earlier this week for review, and Commission Jason Sudy said that the reaction was largely positive.

“All expressed excitement about the growing activity on the 4th Street corridor,” explained Sudy. “The changes to the building were largely seen as favorable, and the overall approach, windows and materials were all seen as a positive. The applicant indicated that they would return with more detailed plans very soon.”

Fox in the Snow Café hopes to be open mid to late summer. To follow their progress, check out www.facebook.com/jeff.excell.

All images / renderings via Fox in the Snow.




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  • Very nice update for this little building!

  • Eugene_C

    I can already imagine their first hiring ad:

    HELP WANTED: Catastrophe Waitress


  • Mack741

    I just now learned the existence of the term “third wave coffee” – am I on the way to becoming a hipster?

    • Eugene_C

      I was in on third wave coffee during the second wave, before it was cool…

  • mbeaumont

    So so so excited for this. This place is right behind my house and when it was All Ohio Masonry we would wake up every morning at 7am to the sound of them using a circular saw to cut through granite. Not fun.

    To say this will be an improvement is quite the understatement. Haha.

    So glad I live in Italian Village!

    • Ned23

      Sounds like you’ll appreciate the new tenants and won’t take them for granite.

  • Sounds great and is a huge improvement to the building. But what’s with the name? Maybe they need some marketing advice.

  • mbeaumont

    Yeah, maybe they should be called Coffee 1031.

    I absolutely love their name. And major kudos to them for actually putting some thought into it as opposed to so many others in Columbus.

    They don’t need marketing advice, they actually get it.

    • 8jeremyck01

      The author mentioned that the song, which is now the name of the cafe, had special significance for the owners and then didn’t tell us what that significance was. Perhaps that would warrant another question?

      • Ned23

        The song is about a fox, a boy and a girl in the snow. The fox is hungry and looking for something to eat, which kind fits the theme of a diner.

    • Agreed. I love the name. It’s creative and unexpected.

  • Bluehouse1065

    I live in Italian Village, and I am thrilled by all of the development we are seeing on 4th Street! I also love that they are going to improve that cool little building and I can never quibble with coffee. However, I have to agree that ‘high end bakery and third wave coffee shop’ combined with that name are just too, too much! What is this, Williamsburg??

    • Bluehouse1065

      Correction- I just re-read the end of the article, I guess this is becoming Williamsburg!

  • mbeaumont

    What is wrong with Williamsburg? Amazing neighborhood with super cool businesses where tons of young people want to live.

    Yes, whatever we do, let’s not be like them! Afterall, this is the Midwest, we’re not allowed to be great, only just above average, right?

  • mrsgeedeck

    Happy to hear about this development, though its proximity to Cravings Carryout makes me pause a bit. I know Cravings has expended its menu, but still…

    • mbeaumont

      I think Fox in the Snow, Cravings, and The Market will all do just fine on the same street. Though they all overlap somewhat in offerings (coffee mainly), they all do unique stuff as well. I think as long as all three of them can differentiate themselves not just in what they offer but with their atmosphere, they’ll all thrive.

      Cravings has developed a pretty loyal fan base (of which I am definitely one) with their amazing food, and Fox in the Snow will be focusing more on pastries and of course coffee, and then the Market obviously will have the wood-fired pizzas, growlers, fresh produce, meat, cheese, etc.

      So I think they’re all different enough to co-exist quite nicely.

  • Ben_

    This looks like it will be a nice addition to the neighborhood, but will they have a hookah lounge area?

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