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    This airs tonight on WCRS. Or grab it now.

    Will from Brainbow stops in to introduce two songs from the new self-titled Brainbow album. Also, we hear plenty of bands playing tonight, tomorrow, and the next two days in Columbus, Ohio. The second hour of the show is whatever I could put together before heading into work today. Grab it if the playlist looks appealing to you.

    Stream it at patradio.org. Download it here. (Right-Click or Cntrl+Click and “Save As”)

    1. Magic City – OH/IO (Washington Beach Party)

    2. Terribly Empty Pockets – Bend Over Backwards

    3. Royal Pines – What I Said I Saw myspace

    4. The Alwood Sisters – Two For One myspace

    (P.S. Kyle of Lost Weekend set me straight on the history and genealogy of the Alwood Sisters after I recorded this show.)

    5. Wing & Tusk – St. James myspace

    6. Brainbow – Ymir brainbowband.com

    7. Brainbow – Secret Histories

    8. Melty Melty – Black Eyed myspace

    9. Au – RR vs. D myspace

    10. Dodos – God? The Visiter

    11. Black Cock – A Fast One myspace

    12. The Hard To Get – Potato Famine This is the New Business Plan

    13. Sic Alps – United 7″

    2nd hour:

    Download it here…It’s not part of my regular feed and will be replaced every week with a new show.

    1. Stereolab – Daisy Click Clack Chemical Chords

    2. Tussle – Night of the Hunter Cream Cuts

    3. High Places – From Stardust To Sentience High Places

    4. Death Vessel – Jitterkadie Nothing is precious enough for us

    5. Boston Spaceships – Go For The Exit Brown Submarine

    6. The Manhattan Love Suicides – Heat And Panic Burnt Out Landscapes

    7. Brass Bed – Polar Bird Midnight Matinee

    8. Ponytail – Sky Drool Ice Cream Spiritual

    9. Foot Village – Crow Call Friendship Nation

    10. The Fall – Jawbone & the Air-Rifle The Hex Induction Hour

    11. Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance The Modern Dance

    12. Devo – Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) Question: Are We Not Men? Answer: We Are Devo!

    13. Television – Friction Marquee Moon

    14. Talking Heads – Houses In Motion Remain in Light

    15. David Byrne and Brian Eno – My Big Nurse Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

    16. Sonic Youth – Skip Tracer Washing Machine

    Columbus Music Co-op
    Columbus Music Co-op
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    i’m so excited for the brainbow release show on saturday!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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