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Cleveland vs. Cincinnati

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    We have to get out of Columbus sometime. Which would you rather visit?

    Which is better for a day trip? What do you like about each one and dislike? This is a three parter. :lol:

    O.k. I’m from Cleveland so i would rather go there. it takes a little longer to get to but whatever.

    I like the West Side Market (what a market should be) and going to Indians games. I don’t like the drivers.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Perfect question for a poll!





    Cleveland!!! 8)


    As much as I have expressed my hate for Cleveland…and getting beat up there…Cincinnati has absolutely nothing of interest for me…and probably still a good beating.

    So, Cleveland wins.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I think I have more friends in Cincy than I do The Cleve, so I have more of a reason to go there to hang out, but right now I think I’d enjoy spending time in Cleveland more. Perhaps just for the fact that I’ve been there less?



    Cleveland, no question. Never understood why the city doesn’t honor their lakefront as they should though, but there are some interesting neighborhoods there. And isn’t Cincinnati known for being parochial?


    columbus wroteAnd isn’t Cincinnati known for being parochial?

    Any more, the biggest thing they’re known for is racial unrest.



    Walker wroteI think I have more friends in Cincy than I do The Cleve, so I have more of a reason to go there to hang out, but right now I think I’d enjoy spending time in Cleveland more. Perhaps just for the fact that I’ve been there less?

    Perfect chance to visit Cleveland!! We’d love to have you!!! (That goes for everyone)


    Shameless plug/ :wink:


    Without specifics of what you like, it really can’t be answered.

    Art Museum : Slight nod to Cinci. But near the Cleveland one is an Ohio historical museum which has an incredible old car collection.

    Science Museum : Great Lakes Science center is great. OTOH, the old Railroad Station complex in Cinci currently has an amazing Pirate exhibit which is worth a special trip.

    Zoo – Probably Cinci.

    Parks : King’s Island vs Geauga Lake. Haven’t been to latter in eons, so can’t say.

    Unique Attraction : Toss up between Newport Aquarium and RnR HoF.

    Restaurants : Cinci has a pretty active scene right now with some more unique places like Pho Paris and other places spread out. Cleveland has some good places, but less singular.

    Restaurants II : Cinci Chili, Goetta vs Pierogies/ ?? Gotta go w/ Pierogies. Skyline is only a notch below non-chains like Blue Ash, so no need to go there.

    Beer : Great Lakes Brewery blows away anything in Cinci.

    Nightclubs : Cleveland wins easily.

    Arts and Shopping : I found more boutique shopping in Cinci though all nestled around in various places. Cleveland is pretty chain-y and I found the more boutique places were little different than ones in Columbus. Not been too impressed w/ galleries in Cleveland.

    Shopping II : Cinci has Jungle Jim’s and Party Source. ’nuff said.

    Markets : West Side Market is pretty sweet, but precious. Some good stuff at it. Cinci’s downtown old market (forgot name and location) is more urban, though has some good local farmers in season.

    Theatre : A bit more active in Cinci, I think. Seems like more big stuff comes through. Not real sure on this.

    Sports : Not gonna touch this one. No NBA in Cinci. Better college b-ball though.

    Surrounds : Cleveland easily. KY vs Lake Erie. Though Covington/Newport/Bellevue is pretty nice in the old parts.



    The Hegemo

    I can do laundry for free at my parents’ house in Cincinnati, so that settles it for me. :lol:

    Seriously, there’s obviously more for me to go see in Cleveland that’s new, since I didn’t live there for the first eighteen years of my life and some spells since then.

    But Shake It Records + Jungle Jim’s blows anything Cleveland has to offer out of the water.



    Man I used to love going to Cincy as a kid for Hardware conventions. But these days I honestly have much more fun up in Cleveland. I dunno why exactly it just seems like Cleveland is changing for the better while Cincy isn’t as much. I saw the TRi-C music festival up in Cleveland this summer. great times.

    Also have to add I prefer the Cleveland Museum of Natural History over the Great Lakes Science center. Both are nice but I like the traditional museums better myself since I’m a fossil buff. I really hope Columbus gets a traditional Natural Museum to go along with COSI soemday.



    I chose Cleveland because I spend sooooo much time in Cincy. I have spent very little time in Cleveland. Cincy also has Mt. Adams and Hyde Park areas which are really fun. One of the most beautiful hotels, Omni Netherland and some other great river attractions. I do not care for the attitude there. Cannot pinpoint or describe in words. Rock Bottom Brewery downtown is cool because it is a colorado based company and that makes me happy. Cleveland just seems like it would be really fun to spend a weekend and go out dancing. Plus I have a soft spot for Cleveland in my heart or pity becuase my Broncos have pounded them.



    Cleveland b/c I am pro-sports fan of the city. We do need to take the time an actually see the town. Cleveland Museum of Art more likely exceeds anything similar in Cincy? I agree with the above comment that Cleveland should really connect more to the lake. How about weekend trip to both cities. :D


    The Hegemo

    I haven’t been to the Cleveland Art Museum, so I can’t make a side by side comparison, but the Cincinnati Art Museum is among the top regional art museums I’ve been to. I wouldn’t discount it. Keep in mind that Cincinnati was a much more prominent city in the 1800s than it is now, and there’s always been a lot of old money there to fund cultural institutions (at least, kind of mainstream traditional cultural institutions). Cincinnati tends to punch above its weight when it comes to traditional high culture — symphony, art museum, etc.


    The Hegemo

    I just went to check out the Cleveland Museum of Art online…turns out their permanent collection is closed right now while they renovate and expand:


    Looks like it will be pretty awesome when they finish the expansion:


    I’ll have to check that out when it’s all done.

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