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Editorial: The End of The Messageboard Era

Walker Evans and Anne Evans Walker Evans and Anne Evans Editorial: The End of The Messageboard Era
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As of today, the messageboard/forums at Columbus Underground are going offline. The reasons for closing the messageboard are multiple and complex, and the decision to shutter them was not an easy one to make.

Fifteen years ago, when Columbus Underground launched in 2001, the messageboard was a primary component of our website, and quickly became the most popular and highly utilized part of the CU experience. These forums served as a place for people to digitally gather, make new friends, share insider information about the city we all love, and a place where conversations about any topic — for better or worse — could take place.

As the years ticked by, and the advent of social media came into the world — first with Myspace and later with Twitter, Facebook and others — the places for localized online conversations multiplied quickly. A decision was made in 2009 to pivot Columbus Underground’s model to become a news publisher where conversations would start, rather than a responsive place for reactions to external news.

Since then, the readership of Columbus Underground has grown exponentially, while our messageboard usage has expectedly declined. We’ve grown our own conversation spaces within popular social media platforms, and have been able to engage with readers everywhere from LinkedIn to Instagram, providing a wider array of digital communication options suited for the places that our readers individually prefer.

In the meantime, maintaining a large archive of old messageboard content built on antiquated software has become a drag on our servers and resources. The loading times at Columbus Underground have gotten slower because of this long tail of information, and we can no longer justify wasting costly resources on a portion of our website that fewer and fewer people are using.

Of course, closing the messageboard does not mean that any functionality is disappearing. We’ve already migrated the event posting section of the forums into its own Events Calendar section of the site, and the apartment listings have grown into the Urban Living tool. And, the ability to comment on news articles will remain enabled, providing topical places for vibrant and knowledgable conversations to continue here on CU. We also have a few new projects in the works that will provide more functionality and engagement for our readership, which we will plan to roll out later this year.

But for now, we say farewell to the Columbus Underground forums. They have served their purpose over the past fifteen years, but their necessity has come to an end. We’re very excited to share what comes next very soon, and thank you always for your support!

– Anne Evans and Walker Evans, Founders of Columbus Underground

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  • The end of an era :) Thanks for keeping things moving, you two – can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Roland

    I’ve made so many great friends through that messageboard. Much love to you all!

    • somertimeoh

      Backatcha! So many awesome memories due 100% to those boards.

  • This is very sad!

  • Pablo

    Aww, that’s too bad.

  • heresthecasey

    Wow. Just like that, huh? I understand the reasoning, and of course you guys can do whatever you want with your site, but a discussion of upcoming changes before they happen, or at least some advance notice (even a week or so) of an impending shutdown would have seemed to be more respectful to longtime participants IMO.

    • FWIW, They’re still accessible for reading and will remained archived:


      • Ned23

        Is something replacing it or not? E.g, if someone asks me where to find some odd ethnic sundry in Columbus, is there still a place I can ask that question?

        • Most people have been asking those kinds of questions on their social media platform of choice for years.

          • Ned23

            Some of us need to to be careful. Usage of Facebook, twitter and reddit-type pages are monitored at work. This is a news site, so it’s not strictly monitored. Plus news scanning is a small part of my job, so I’m actually allowed to read CU to a point.

  • _calebross

    Kinda pissed about this tbh.

  • mbeaumont

    Really bummed about this. One of the few bastions of intelligent discussion of so many local issues. :(

  • scarletandgrey

    SMH, Millenials.

  • drtom1234

    Terrible news. While I appreciate the news articles, the ongoing conversations on the message boards is one of the main reasons I come to this site. I appreciate that it’s eating into your server costs and load times, but this is still very disappointing Walker.

    • Ditto

    • We knew that the decision would be unpopular with a very small handful of folks who still used it regularly. But we have a strong feeling that most will be able to adapt to change given a little bit of time. ;)

      At its core, that’s what the city of Columbus is all about. Evolution, change and progress.

      • Ned23

        There are a lot of people who only stop in once or twice a year to ask a question like “where can I get _______?” that’s one of the most valuable services CU offered, IMO.

      • JK43123

        And getting rid of anything old!

  • Sad day. While the messageboard has indeed been declining, it was a good place for discussion. Not sure where that will happen now. Will certainly impact my use of the site.

  • Don’t go cold turkey! C’mon over to the Columbus Reddit community ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Columbus/ ) for topic-centered daily discussions with 16,000+ neighbors.

    I’ve always wanted to say that, but figured it would look like poaching. Now, however …

    Thanks, Walker and Anne.

    • Personally, I’ve always found Reddit to be a bit too anger/sarcasm-based for my taste. It’s a great place for anyone looking to anonymously make fun of things. But if that’s anyone’s thing, go knock yourself out. ;)

      • bwitty92

        I suppose someone could always create a “Columbus Development” subreddit, or whatever topic they preferred to talk about on the message boards here. It would be a good way to keep the message board concept going even if there some of the typical annoying reddit users getting involved.

        • heresthecasey

          Urban Ohio already is that pretty much FWIW.

          CU was nice because it had local forums that covered development AND everything else.

    • Posole

      ugh, reddit…

    • Ned23

      I hate the throttles they have there. I have to wait 4 minutes between posts, on separate threads no less! It’s too glacial a pace to have an actual “conversation.” I’d actually rather facebook, and I hate facebook.

  • King Gambrinus

    Definitely disappointing. Especially, finding out with no warning that things have just been turned off. I always enjoyed the development updates, additional insights, informal restaurant reviews, etc that were provided on the forums. I guess this means I’ll have more free time… But maybe I’ll actually start posting on Urban Ohio, the central Ohio section could use a little love.

  • lazyfish

    meh, it lost is vibrancy and relevance years ago, hard to believe Rus gets the last word on the 2016 presidential election, a pyrrhic victory. Noticed the articles and message board topics refresh ever 20-30 seconds now, another way to inflate traffic #”s?

    Good luck and thanks for all the fish

    • There’s nothing on our end that refreshes pages. Might want to check your browser extensions or run a system scan for malicious software on your computer?


  • Graybeak


  • Cbussmallbiz

    Why would you not let the addicts have a day notice to reminisce…..

    • They’re still accessible for reading and will remained archived:


      • chaking

        But in this post you said, “In the meantime, maintaining a large archive of old messageboard content built on antiquated software has become a drag on our servers and resources. The loading times at Columbus Underground have gotten slower because of this long tail of information, and we can no longer justify wasting costly resources on a portion of our website that fewer and fewer people are using.”

        And yet you’re keeping them accessible? You did mention there were lots of reasons for taking it down, so maybe this was just being added in as the thing that tipped the scales, but it would seem keeping it accessible wouldn’t alleviate the performance or cost issues you are attributing to having archives. That being said, if you did want to keep message boards but didn’t want it to interfere with your main site, there are a number of options for doing that. Moreover, you can run access to archival data separately and cut costs considerably by using on demand instances. Basically, if technology costs and limitations were the big issues here, there are lots of ways to attack that and lots of people who would love to tell you how.

        • I guess I should have clarified that *some* of messageboard will be archived. We already scrubbed out (several months ago) a lot of old threads in the 7+ year range that were no longer being accessed more than once or twice per year. The rest will be gradually extracted from the database and flattened into html, but will remain read-only. We’re still working on some of that, so it won’t happen overnight.

          Technology costs and limitations were only one of the issues.

          At the end of the day, continuing to operation and maintain a messageboard did not make much sense for us anymore. It probably quit making sense around 2012, but we kept them around much longer that most people would have. ;)

          • Posole

            A lot of google searches lead here. That’s how I found this in the first place .

          • Ned23

            I hope you save the gas prices thread. That’s just an amazing history of volatile gas prices and what people think about them.

    • I’ve spun up a quickie phpBB board for any CU users who want to finish up their conversations from the current messageboard. http://www.kitoba.com/forum . It will probably be up for a limited time only.

  • ehill27


  • wpcc88

    What am I supposed to do at work now?

  • RIP Messageboard:
    Now the Dispatch Comments section is the last forum for the masses.

    • Dispatch comments are not a forum. No local news outlet hosts a forum or messageboard, and there’s a reason for that.

      But if you’re looking for a localized conversation space “for the masses”, there couldn’t be more plentiful options these days.

  • Jeffersin

    That’s to bad, I typically find myself coming here for the forums even though use was shrinking, in turn that would would lead me to read the articles or restaurant reviews. Oh well, I guess a Columbus reddit is my new go to for Columbus happenings and discussions. Best of luck CU!

  • Very disappointing and sad. Also puzzling how abruptly you turned things off and just killed your site. Columbus has lost a great resource. Bye.

  • MichaelC

    Very disappointing news. I understand the rationale, but as others have said, this removes a foundation of this site that was unique. Yes, other places to chat about Columbus exist on the Internet, but each lacks the quality of conversation and history of this community.

    Comments on stories remaining open is good news, but it forecloses the opportunity for community-driven news sharing and conversation.

  • Ned23

    IMO, after the calendar the message board is the single most useful part of the site. It has helped me find more things around town than anything else and saved me tons of time. I hope it can be recreated on newer, better software.

  • And I was convinced this was the year I would be voted best CU Contributor in the yearly poll!

    I kid

    It’s been a long strange trip. I remember reading this site in it’s infancy. Drawn to it to find the raves/club events. Then it grew to much much more. Virtually met a lot of cool people on this site, and even some in person at the old CU meet ups/holiday party. I’ll miss some of the discussions and some of the long living threads (StarCraft 2 did actually get released) but us long timers have all see the decline in use and I think Walkers right to put it to bed.

    Congratz Walker and Anne on the success of CU and I will continue to read your site daily.

  • CbusIslander

    How ironic to end a message board without any discussion. While understanding there are many other ways to discuss local topics. I think CU may have taken some of its local identity/welcoming out of your site.

    Congrats as you move forward, your local news articles will continue to be popular now that our main publications are being forced to subscription based or outsourced altogether.

    As a few has said, UrbanOhio could use some Columbus love.

    Thanks for the good times. At least we can still create 140 comments on the next tower proposal.

    • “How ironic to end a message board without any discussion.”

      There was actually a lot of discussion about it. ;)

      “I think CU may have taken some of its local identity/welcoming out of your site.”

      For every person who enjoyed our messageboard, there were many others who disliked it. It wasn’t an equally welcoming environment to all, FWIW.

      “As a few has said, UrbanOhio could use some Columbus love.”

      Yeah, UO has been around forever. Chris is a good guy and I’m sure would love to see more Columbus development discussion over there if old school messageboards are what you crave.

      • CbusIslander

        I must have missed the “message board to be shut down permanently starting May 22nd” post, sorry.

        For the many others that disliked it. . . I ignore places on the internet I dislike, maybe these people could do the same.

        Us old farts have to go somewhere, UO it is.

        Walker, I understand your business decision and wish you all the best. I will continue to follow your wonderful articles on everything Columbus.

  • NEOBuckeye

    All good things must come to an end, it seems.

  • TommyH

    Thanks to everyone who posted so much valuable info on the board. I took way more than I ever gave while I lurked in the shadows.

  • DouginCMH

    I would assume that CU thought long and hard about this decision, and I respect it. I would add, however, that for me (admittedly, from my perspective only), the message’s board’s vibrancy was related more to the unfortunate decision to split comments between the forum and the news section, and not due to a decision to make CU into more of a news outlet. It seemed to me that as soon as reader comments became split between two, separate parts of the CU website, they lost their critical mass. Since then, the message board has become fairly moribund. Which is profoundly unfortunate since I found certain threads to be invaluable for their historical knowledge and irreplaceable as venues where on-going discussion could take place about topics whose lifespans were greater than the average news cycle (i.e., just about any topic of merit). Oh well, times change. However, I suspect this change will mean I’ll visit CU less often. Not making a value judgement, here, just noting that my browsing habits are influenced by things I like (duh), and I liked the forums quite a lot.

    • futureman

      Agreed, this is why I also think the forum died down. First the split between news articles and messageboard and then with each new layout the messageboard became more and more hidden. Granted their was a link at the top, but if you wanted to quickly see any new updates you had to scroll on the way to the bottom on the front page.

      It would be nice to have a box somewhere on the top that would list what news articles are currently trending. The current way of either clicking the articles individually or click on the discussion link isn’t user friendly. Perhaps this was intentional as a way to force users to click on the individual articles to drive up views.

      Either way, sad to see forums go but I’ll still be a loyal visitor on the site … just won’t refresh the page every five minutes:)

      On a side note, for those looking for a forum to track urban development in Columbus check out UrbanOhio.com.

    • “It seemed to me that as soon as reader comments became split between two, separate parts of the CU website, they lost their critical mass. Since then, the message board has become fairly moribund.”

      That’s a common misconception from long-time users, but I can assure you that from watching and studying our website analytics, the messageboard use did not fall off overnight when that switch was made.

      The decline of messageboard use mirrors the uprising in popularity of social media (primarily Twitter and Facebook) from 2008 to present day. This is not a trend unique to CU either, but common with many niche messageboard platforms. Digital conversation spaces have broadened, which is great for online connectivity, even if it’s bad news for older platforms. But we’re perfectly ok with that, because hosting a messageboard is only one very small component of what CU is, despite the intense popularity of that platform with a small audience.

      As I mentioned before, and I feel is worth repeating… this what the city of Columbus is all about. Evolution, change and progress. Onward and upward. ;)

  • While the decision might be correct, I think this was a very poor way to handle it. It doesn’t show a lot of consideration to a group of people who were among the earliest and most loyal CU users.

    I’m not sure what the rationale is for not giving a week’s notice and then closing the board. That’s the same end result without the implicit slap in the face.

    • No slap in the face intended, but I’m not sure what the rationale would be for giving a week’s notice. Conversations can continue in a wide variety of ways. One antiquated format was ended, but other options (such as the one we’re using right now) exist in plenty. ;)

      • What’s the rationale for saying “please” and “thank you”? Given a week to wrap up conversations would have been an easy courtesy to whatever small-but-loyal group of posters is left.

        With that said, thank you for hosting the message board and keeping it well-moderated for such a long and extended period of time. 15 years is an eternity on the internet.

  • But where can I go now to find out who is playing at Redzone, Mecca, or Glow?

  • futureman

    To be fair messageboards/forums not in any way antiquated. Reddit is nothing more than giant messageboard and I use several at work (such as Socialnet for Microsoft, Synology forums, Acronis forums, Symantec forums).

    The look has changed over the years, but the concept is the same – providing a community for people to discuss issues/politics/interests. Killing a messageboard is killing a community, and that’s why people are upset with the change.

  • Jason Lemon Lyman

    Wow, definitely the end of an era. I’m actually surprised you’ve held out this long. I have a lot of good memories from the early days of this board and this site. Onward and Upward!

  • Posole

    aaah! noooooo! I had a question today about building permits today, and the city’s site is useless. Where am I going to go now? :(

  • Posole

    nope, can’t sit on hold at work. Post and check back was much easier. Is CU going to start a redit page or something? (I obviously don’t use social media much so if I sound stupid, I’m sorry.)

  • Posole

    Okay, can someone help me figure out Reddit? I went to Columbus Reddit, and I found a thread about this message board, and I clicked on it to see what the discussion was and I ended up back here. What am I missing?

    • Ned23

      Click where it says “Comments” in fine print under the title.

  • jmiller10

    Sad to see this feature go. I often feel like the comments I see on Facebook aren’t conversations being led my interested parties like what I found on the message boards. I can’t stand how many negative comments come along with a post regarding a new downtown development. I also often used the message boards as a source to find out additional information about new projects, and even just general discussion. Was looking forward to reading the Game of Thrones posts today!

    One Question –
    I like the news articles about new development downtown, but once the news is past, will you continue to update and refresh as you receive more details? Will it bring it back to the top of the page or will we have to search for it? I often used the message boards for that feature, that it would bring it back to the top and people could chime in on new information.

  • Elizabeth Lessner

    What a ride, Walker. Thanks for the great memories, space, parties, and friendships the message board provided to so many people for so many years. Much love and thanks to you and Ann! xo

  • GCrites80s

    I also recommend UrbanOhio. Frankly, I think the main reason the Columbus sections there were slow was because Columbusites found a home here. Nobody’s going to hassle you there. There are quite a few users you already know that visit both sites but didn’t post as prolifically there as they did here. Also shenanigans are not tolerated, so no explosive 3rd grade level discourse is going to stay visible for long.

    If you are curious about (or are originally from) other Ohio cities there’s talk about them too.

  • lazyfish

    CU CU

    • Ned23

      Buh Bye! Lazyfish. You going to the redits?

      • lazyfish

        lol, good luck buddy may your naivete find green pastures to lie down in

  • It was a wonderful ride, Walker. I am looking forward to this new endeavor!

  • Ned23

    I vote that we just keep this thread going as long as possible.

  • goldenidea

    Thanks for hosting this Walker. This has been a valuable resource in many ways and also a lot of fun. I’ll definitely miss it. Facebook, Twitter, et. al…, don’t seem to be equivalent substitutes, but I guess I’ll have to keep trying and looking. Like some who’ve posted above, I probably won’t be visiting CU as frequently now simply because there will be less to read & comment on, with only the CU news releases as the topic platforms. Members won’t get to randomly create topics and voice questions & opinions.

    Because I’m not close to being a website manager perhaps this isn’t the right question, but if an overly burdensome archive is the problem, why not just delete or store the archives elsewhere and run this as a new message/discussion board with limited or no past archive or memory?

  • http://yablew.it/

    I’ll miss finding out about stuff in Columbus.

  • RedStorm


    From three weeks ago:

    “Our mission is to connect the residents and visitors of Columbus with the most relevant, interesting, and newsworthy information about our city and region.”

    I think the messageboard was a great driver of that connection. Not sure this move is in line with what you just publicly stated was your mission a few weeks ago, but I’m not the one running CU. C’est la vie.

  • ehill27

    Walker, is there a view that lists articles by most recent comment activity? If not, perhaps that might be a happy medium? I think it would be a nice option to draw attention to status updates on projects, and what not.

    Maybe still too close to what you’re trying to end?

    • Actually, we are working on improving the news commenting system, which should go into effect soon. Wanted to have it running by the time the forums closed, but timelines don’t always work like you want them to. It should have a few new bells and whistles that I think messageboard users will like, but I don’t want to get too far ahead and over-promise.

      So yeah… to be continued. ;)

  • Shako

    I don’t think he is interested in your view of a happy medium, if you didn’t get the hint. The small group of folks who are posting on this story are the same small group of folks who posted on the message boards.

    Walker, I am impressed with your decision to take a risk here and your desire to reclaim the brand of your business. Good on ya!

  • Corrin Radd

    Thanks for hosting the boards for so long. They were informative and fun.

    Tomorrow, Rus will step out of his apartment squinting and hissing as he sees natural sunlight for the first time in 15 years.

  • Ned23

    I just posted something on reddit. Took me 4 tries and squinting to get past their captcha. Yeah, it’s not a “discussion” board. It’s a drive-by post board.

  • Graybeak

    Is somebody going to tell Tom?
    Maybe if they see him peddle-cabbing by on his way to tinkle in someone’s flower beds or something.

  • Ned23

    What about poor old DiscouragedDemocrat? Where is he going to go to rant incessantly about gvt. in his neighboring county?

    • Discouraged Democrat

      I live in Franklin County and in the City of Columbus. The new owners of the Dispatch are covering the rampant corruption sufficiently for my taste. For example, see the editorial “This firing was long overdue” in today’s paper and the wonderful Coleman/Columbus City Schools cartoon yesterday.

      I suspect Walker’s discomfort with the message board’s criticism of his beloved Coleman/Ginther machine may have consciously or subconsciously played a role in the decision. I can’t wait to see whether CU allows meaningful give and take on the ward representation vote coming in August. The machine is unified against the proposal and sees it as a threat to its power. But the power belongs to the people, not the “public servants” who are supposed to work for us, not the wealthy donors to their campaign funds.

      Ned3: The fact that you disagree with comments, doesn’t make them “rants”.

      • As always, your conspiracy theories are incorrect yet hilarious.

        • lazyfish

          the free flow of the discussion board was hurting the brand, too many trolls, lol. CU ‘s discussion board was a rare bastion of free speech in an otherwise controlled media landscape. Goodluck Ned, here’s hoping you can get an erection somewhere else online.

      • lazyfish

        yep, the swagger rah-rah brand was being tarnished by the likes of us, scaring away the developer advertisers. W/O a message board does CU just become fluff…Alive+ Craze+Columbus Bride….here’s hoping there will be some critical news stories with discussion.

        Too bad there is no OMM story or discussion of the Council Ward proposal, I hear CCS is asking for capital $’s and renewing Win-win….lots of news not enough coverage…welcome back vanilla drone-ville :)

        • Discouraged Democrat

          Exactly. Columbus folks are not allowed to engage in discussion. The downtown machine will decide what’s true or not, or else. CU is now falling in line and if you question that, you’re promoting conspiracy theories. Don’t expect stories of a controversial nature here. Just safe fluff. Why bother?

          • Lazy & Discouraged — If the root of the problem was you two, we could have just banned you both and kept the messageboard running. That would have been a very easy solution, if that were in fact the problem. But it was not.

            I hate to break it to you both, but nothing that either of you have said was really that controversial. No advertiser has ever said anything to us about anything you’ve ever said. I can’t expect they ever would, or will in the future.

            I also hate to break it to you both that our forums were never a bastion of free speech. They were a moderated space with enforced rules that have resulted it many messages being deleted and users banned over the years. Maybe neither of you were aware of this, because again, neither of you have ever said anything truly controversial or rule-breaking.

            At the end of the day, I can’t imagine either of you actually opening your minds to consider anything I can type in your direction, and you both will continue to make things up (yes, fact-free assertions about political overlords are the things that conspiracy theories are made of) and you’ll both continue to kick and scream like children if people don’t agree with everything you say.

          • RellekOTE

            Mic drop @walker. :)

  • Ned23

    Who here is over on the Reddits and do you use the same or different handle? I’m over there as NedTransportation, FYI.

  • Thanks for a great run CU. I know it wasn’t an easy decision.

    I made a lot of friends and had a lot of laughs because of this message board.

    You guys were ahead of the curve then and I’m sure you’ll keep on surprising us. Best of luck with future endeavors!

  • wygand

    Disappointing. I came to Columbus Underground several times a day to get updates on local news threads that didn’t always stem from a news story. Without the message board, I really I believe columbus underground becomes a lot like business first, the dispatch site and other local news outlets…The comments and updates from other message board users where what I found truly valuable.

    Sad to see it go.

  • Alex Silbajoris

    I join those who say we won’t visit much here anymore. Fresh conversation topics and any replies are out of our hands and only the editorial board determines what goes online. This was an interactive board but you have changed it to a passive medium like watching TV.

    Thank you for providing this forum for community discussion but you’re killing a vital community tool. CU was a forum to discuss issues and provide insights that the local mainstream media overlooked or didn’t want to provide the resources to cover. I appreciate your efforts to provide local coverage but now that’s limited to a short list of contributors and it won’t be the same without fresh individual input from the variety of sources you used to have. Now that is gone and Facebook is not a substitute. I don’t want to punch that tar baby, so I’m screwed and lonely but at least I go to bed with clean knuckles.

    I’ll still surf this site once in a while but for now at least I no longer feel that there’s anything I can participate in.

  • lazyfish

    still no word from Rus, should we be concerned, has he been fired from the Buckeye Institute?

    • I would at least think he would make one last post to disagree with everything I’ve said here… plus a snarky gif in questionable taste.

  • Discouraged Democrat

    I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, just wish to have a place to comment.

    And as CU claims it is a “Columbus news media outlet”, it would be nice if it would cover the news. Columbus voters are going to have a very important vote on ward representation in about two months, but you’ll find nothing about it under Civics/Columbus politics on this site. You will however find numerous stories about Ginther’s election, swearing in, political appointments, focus, State of the City Speech, ad nauseam. Without the Message Board, I don’t expect machine-opposed topics like Council wards to make their way here. They never have.

    It’s not childish for one to expect CU either to do its job or, at least, allow for the readers to fill in the blanks. It is however poor journalism to not cover important stories and you, Walker, shouldn’t be surprised when people notice.

    • Council wards has been a news topic in the past, was a question asked during last year’s city council and mayoral interviews, and will continue to be a topic for news coverage in the future. Our political writer Lauren Sega is working on a story now.

      It’s dishonest for you to say that wards have never been a topic in the news section here when you’ve commented on those articles yourself…


      • Discouraged Democrat

        That’s an opinion piece from a reader, not a CU news story. And that’s my point. Nice try though. And CU’s slanted emphasis in reporting goes way, way back.

  • DavidF

    Wow. I was away for a while and I come back to find my favorite site dead. It’s funny, I joined CU to argue about 614 magazine because a friend of mine was a writer there and now we’ve come full circle, and CU has become another in a long line of local media outlets to lose their edge. RIP the Other Paper, Columbus Guardian, etc.

    I really appreciate everything you and Anne have done Walker and I wish you all the best, just hate the idea that open discussion is somehow an outdated paradigm.

    It’s a real loss for the city of Columbus.

  • ^Hi DavidF! And hello to all the other great people I got to know through CU over the years via the Messageboard and official and unofficial CU Meetups. I doubt I will find similar friendships on the CU versions of Messagebord on Twitter or facebook, or at the much larger, less intimate Meetups known as Best Bites, as Columbus Underground transitions for the masses to Columbus Aboveground. Like others here, I too mourn the loss of the Messageboard.

    I thank Walker and Anne for providing such a wonderful resource for the Columbus community, and I wish them best into the future. Perhaps they will pass the creative reigns onto Desi and Sophie in the years to come for a whole new generation of CU.

    For now, welcome to The Ghosts of Columbus Past, CU Messageboard…..

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