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Former Yankee Trader Will See New Life as Mixed-Use Apartment Building

Walker Evans Walker Evans Former Yankee Trader Will See New Life as Mixed-Use Apartment Building
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It’s been two years since the Yankee Trader novelty and party supply store closed their doors Downtown, but work has recently begun on bringing the space back to life. TRIAD Architects and Henry Price Investments are redeveloping the empty building located at 465 North High Street into a new mixed-use purpose.

The ground floor is being developed for a restaurant, the second floor will house office space for TRIAD, and floors three through five will feature a mix of one-to-two bedroom apartments that range from 600 square feet to 1,700 square feet.

“There will be a total of 11 loft style apartments available with views overlooking either the North Market or the Columbus Convention Center,” said Zach Price, Principal at TRIAD Architects. “All of the apartments will have restored hardwood floors, baseboards and windows, concealed mechanical ductwork and covered lighting, stainless appliances and quartz or granite countertops. The two story unit will include a historical wood staircase and baluster connecting the two floors.”

The building dates back to 1908, and Price believes that few improvements have been made since then. Plans have been made to add new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, staircases and elevator systems to the building to bring them up to modern standards. Apartment tenants would have no on-site parking available, but TRIAD is working to secure parking in the nearby Vine Street parking garage.

Construction is already under way on the ground floor commercial space, which will be home to the second Columbus location for Hudson, Ohio-based Flip Side gourmet burger restaurant.

“We are currently renovating and building new infrastructure to support their space,” said Price. “Flip Side may start their build out as early as February.”

He anticipates that the apartments, restaurant and office space will all come online by Summer 2013.

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  • Cbusbill

    Walker, in the associated photo, can you say which portions of the block are in play for this project? I believe the 4-story sandstone portion at the far right (farthest north) is where Barley’s is. Is everything south of that part of this plan? Or just a portion? Great news for the area…although I’m still sad that YT is gone.

  • There really seems to be a lot of momentum with downtown development.

  • Saint Murrays

    Glad this stretch is getting filled in, it will make the area look even better to visitors to the city from the new Hilton.

  • @Cbusbill – I’m 95% sure that 461, 463 and 465 North High Street are those three brick buildings in a row from the corner.

  • asil

    Surely Flip Side won’t fill the entire first floor, will it? It seems like there’d be room for a storefront or another restaurant or bar. Or does this particular plan only cover the 5 story building and if so is there a timeline/plan for the two 3 story buildings?

  • mbeaumont

    Flip Side will do really well there, I’m sure. It’ll be nice to have a burger place there that focuses in Ohio-raised grass fed beef and promotes that fact too. They will have a ton of out of town customers dining there so it’ll be a nice message. And of course, Knead is right there too serving a lot of locally sourced fare.

  • Just updated the story to make a correction. The plans for renovation are only for 465 North High (the five story building in the photo up top). The three story buildings have a different owner.

  • MHJ

    Wow, so what are the plans for the vacant building at the corner of Vine and High?

  • @MHJ – I don’t believe anything has been announced as of yet. I’d wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a similar treatment (ground floor retail, upper floor apartments).

  • wpcc88

    the best thing about that corner building is the ‘sold’ sign on it.. something will come along I’m sure :D

  • heresthecasey

    Aren’t the three-story buildings the ones purchased by the restaurant group that runs Hyde Park? (Thought I remembered reading that somewhere)

  • stephentszuter

    I wonder what sort of a price point they’re looking for here… (and don’t say “Luxury.”)

  • @stephentszuter – These apartments are in what is arguably the most prime location in all of Downtown. There’s absolutely no reason to expect that they should be cheap.

  • cbus11

    Great location. Hopefully the garage parking works out.

  • Cbusbill

    wpcc88 November 13, 2012 11:55 am
    the best thing about that corner building is the ‘sold’ sign on it.. something will come along I’m sure :D

    That’s refreshing news…I think that building has been vacant for decades. About time for a rehab. Its too visible an intersection to have vacant storefronts.

  • mbeaumont

    Yeah, that really is about the best location you could hope for living in the downtown area. North Market in your backyard, around the corner from Nationwide Arena and Huntington Park, two blocks from the Short North, easy access to freeways. And if you happened to work at Nationwide, Resource or AEP? Damn. Hard to ask for much more.

  • hivner1

    Best dang stretch of food and drink in the city, easy. Cant wait till everything’s filled in!

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