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Five-Story Building Proposed for Yoga on High Site in Short North

Brent Warren Brent Warren Five-Story Building Proposed for Yoga on High Site in Short NorthPreliminary visuals provided by Jonathan Barnes Architecture & Design.
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A proposal to build a five-story mixed-use development on the current site of Yoga on High in the Short North was submitted to the city today.

The plans, which will be reviewed by the Victorian Village Commission on February 9th, call for about 9,500 square feet of ground-floor retail with 116 apartments above. About 140 parking spaces would be provided in a parking garage with a both a first-floor and basement level.

The existing building, at the northwest corner of North High Street and West Third Avenue, is home to both Yoga on High and Little Dreamers Big Believers daycare. The one-acre lot also holds a surface parking lot that serves both businesses.

Chris Corso and partner Mark Smith – under the name Concept Equity Development LLC – bought the parcel in in 2004 for $1.325 million, according to property records.  They are partnering with Preferred Living on the development.

“We’re excited about the project,” said Smith. “We’ve been patient, we bought it 13 years ago, and always knew we’d do something there… in fact we hoped to do something in the last wave, but then the recession hit.”

When asked how he expected the proposal to be received by the commission, Smith sounded optimistic, citing recent projects in the neighborhood that have been scaled down after initial proposals were deemed too tall.

“I think they’ll be extremely receptive to it,” he said. “The scale and density we’re proposing is what everyone else is getting pushed toward, so we feel this is right in the wheel house.”

Smith also said that if Yoga and High or Little Dreamers is interested in leasing space in the new building, “they’ll have the first crack at it if they want to discuss it.”

Preliminary visuals provided by Jonathan Barnes Architecture & Design.

Edited 1:35pm to add information about Little Dreamers daycare.



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  • Some truly stunning architecture they’re showing in these renderings. Very helpful for those that cannot imagine a 5-story white box on their own.

    • Quinn Hunt


    • Roland Leatherwood

      It isn’t even the correct height in the renderings!

      • Yes, I thought it was interesting each floor must only have 6-foot ceilings at the most.

      • gio ponti

        look again. 5 stories, right? I see 1 2 3 4 5. say 10 feet per story w a taller 1st floor. looks right on. buildings next door probably have different heights per floor.

    • Speak for yourself. I’ve never seen a 5 story white box before, so this was quite helpful!


  • Grant

    Can something be done with that god awful family dollar next door too?

  • Jasmine Grace

    Although we hoped to make our own announcement around our growth plans – we are excited to be in negotiations about this.

  • Beth

    Doesn’t this current building also host a daycare center? Interesting that this article doesn’t mention what the owners are doing to accommodate terminating that lease years early and displacing that business.

    • Pete

      I didn’t read that that lease was being terminated years early. Did I miss that?
      And if it is, wouldn’t the lessor be required to do what the lease holder negotiated and agreed to in the event of an early termination when the lease holder signed the lease?

  • Frank

    And there’s also a child care location, which is very valuable to many members of the community (undoubtedly far more necessary than a yoga place). You can mention the surface parking lot, but you forget the child care?

    • My mistake, I updated the article to include information about Little Dreamers.

  • Rachel

    The daycare at that location hosts about 130 kids. It’s a cornerstone of the community that many working mothers rely on every day. This new building will displace many children and create huge issues for many families.

    • Very unfortunate. Hopefully they could work out a relocation strategy. Also because the daycare facility over south of Battelle is also (eventually) closing

    • Kids these days have it easy. When I was their age I was working at the old Jeffery factory helping unclog debris from the gears in the machines. People don’t know how nice they have it!


    • Frank

      This plan should be blocked by the city, recognizing the vital role that Little Dreamers plays in the community, especially after the closing of the Battelle daycare. The Short North/Victorian Village area of Columbus is revealing itself to be virulently anti-family if this proceeds: working parents count on these facilities, and their closures are devastating.

      • I don’t believe area commissions have the ability to dictate what property owners can or can’t do with regard to the types of businesses they operate or lease to, as I believe it’s outside of their jurisdiction. I don’t believe the city has much say over that either.

        But if there were some way for either of them to block this development based on the specific reason of keeping this day care center in this location… is there any guarantee that Little Dreamers will remain open indefinitely if it can stay put? Isn’t that ultimately up to the business owners themselves?

        I’m a parent myself, and while I think that daycare is a valuable asset for the area, I believe that options for relocation will keep this business nearby, especially if there is demand for it to remain in close proximity to its current location. If anything, it could probably stand to move closer to a job center like Battelle or OSU. Having a High Street address probably doesn’t make much of a difference for them other than increasing rent. It’s not like they rely on foot traffic for business.

      • dalias

        There really is not the capacity for city officials to tell a local landlord what type of business they must retain. It would seem as if given the current demand for Little Dreamers services + the rising residential pop in the area, this would be a good time for them to explore a facility that could expand their capacity. I do not know what their current sq. ft is now. But the other day as I ran by the long vacant retail space at Kramer Place on 4th I thought it could serve as a potential fit. It has multiple potential advantages:
        1. Ample retail space that has long-awaited a tenant.
        2. On the major artery out of downtown towards commute home for those in neighborhood and points north
        3. Available off-street parking for pick-up/drop off
        4. Potentially symbiotic relationship with Go Fitness across street – work-out post morning drop-off or pre-evening pick-up.

        The issue of an outdoor play-space would need to resolved. However the size of the current facility’s outdoor space would not be too difficult to replicate.

  • Ross

    I was just thinking we needed another new apartment building in Short North….This is Trump’s America folks, and we’re just living in it. He can take our daycare but he can’t take our civil liberties (or GUNS goddammitt!).

    • I didn’t know Donald was investing in the Short North area. That’s pretty neat!


    • Pete


  • duckconfityestherapper

    Please be more cookie cutter apartments, please be more cookie cutter apartments, please…

  • Jimmy Hanks

    Any idea if they can terminate the lease held by Little Dreamers?

    • Frank

      Hopefully not. As parents with children in daycare know, finding good daycare is tremendously difficult, and waitlists can be absurdly long. Little Dreamers is an excellent daycare in a crucial location run by an excellent staff. The harm this proposal inflicts upon numerous families is very real. Further, I’m unconvinced by ‘Smith also [saying] that if Yoga and High or Little Dreamers is interested in leasing space in the new building, “they’ll have the first crack at it if they want to discuss it.”’ First crack at what, exactly? I expect excessively high rents that either Little Dreamers cannot afford or that get passed on to parents, who cannot afford the higher prices. And even assuming that the rents remain the same, parents will still have no daycare during construction, which could go on for a year or more. In short, this is catastrophic for parents in the area who rely on this daycare center.

  • Chas Chandler

    What are the odds the SN commission knocks one story off of this just for shits and giggles.

    • Pete

      Right??! Hilarious.

  • Yoga on High

    For more information about how this may impact Yoga on High, please visit our blog: http://yogacolumbusohio.com/yoga-on-high-our…updated-location/
    See you on the mat :) Thanks!

  • Yoga on High

    For more information about how this may impact Yoga on High, visit our blog:
    See you on the mat! Thanks :)

    • Swirly Girl

      You won’t see me on your mat. Your studio’s popularity is declining. Maybe this is the last nail in the coffin?

  • Nationwyde Realtie

    What Columbus needs is more apartment space. No chance we’re overbuilding. Definitely no need for space that serves the community at large. Hopefully city council and the various zoning boards realize that what we really need is a boatload of developers razing existing structures to pave way for projects that will promptly be resold to property management companies.

    • Cbusbill

      Regarding the chance of overbuilding, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The metro population is growing by 25K p/yr. I know we read a lot about new housing around the city (especially in the SN), but that’s a byproduct of a flourishing economy.

    • gio ponti

      Cbusbill is correct. the truth is apt vacancy rates are dropping because we’re not keeping up w demand. this results in higher rents. so if you want the building to stop you’re asking for higher rents. as far as prop mgnt companies – you don’t think those existing buildings are owned by the same?

  • Swirly Girl

    I’d really like to see a yoga studio for the people of the Short North going into this new building. Yoga on High has run its course. Years ago it was respected and now it caters to affluent students and is focused on promoting the owners in every ad, teacher training and making money. We want diversity and openness in the SN.

  • They are proposing 5 stories? I’ll expect a reduction to 3 stories by approval then.

  • jman

    Instead of always going 3-6 stories, why not 6-8? We are way too height phobic for our own good.

  • jman

    We have a case of heightphobia!

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