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Five Neighborhoods Getting New Security Cameras

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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A new safety camera pilot project was announced today by Columbus City Councilmember Andrew Ginther, Columbus Division of Police officials, neighborhood leaders, and Mayor Michael B. Coleman.

Over 40 safety cameras will be rolled out as early as next summer in areas including Weinland Park, The University District, The Hilltop, The King Lincoln District, the South Campus Gateway, Old Oaks and Ganther’s Place.

“These cameras are not a silver bullet to end crime in the City of Columbus,” said Mayor Coleman in a press release issued today. “They will be another tool officers can use to potentially prevent crimes before they happen and solve crimes after they happen.”

The locations have been chosen based on feedback from neighborhood residents who want to see the cameras installed, as well as crime statistics what help to identify areas where the cameras would be most effective.

“The neighborhood safety camera pilot program has the potential to significantly impact crime and will assist law enforcement apprehend and prosecute criminals,” said Councilmember Ginther, chair of the Public Safety Committee, in a press release today. “It is yet another way we can help our Division of Police work harder and smarter through the use of technology.”

Privacy concerns have been brought up on this topic when it was first proposed three years ago, which are being addressed with software that masks residential windows and logged records of who will be accessing video footage and for what reason.

Below are neighborhood maps of the future security camera locations (red dots are cameras, blue dots are data collection points), though the locations are subject to change:

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  • cc

    More footage for Channel 10 ;)

  • alove


  • kcrissinger

    Wow, the Hilltop gets a whopping 4 cameras.  All of the rest are east of High street.  Go figure.   Not a single camera on W. Broad St.  Something is wrong with this picture yet again.

  • cc

    I think these cameras are a good idea, but realistically most of the problems they attempt to address are nieghborhood issues and the people who are committing these crimes will soon be savy and move over a block or pull up their hoodies.

    I have a friend in NYC who has one outside his window. He still has been robbed twice. One was caught, but it was entirely due to the aid of nieghbor who dared to ‘snitch’.

  • labi

    @kcrissinger – the news release I saw said “The five neighborhoods were chosen because leaders and residents of those areas expressed a desire for safety cameras. Additionally, Columbus patrol officers and crime statistical analysts determined cameras will be effective in those neighborhoods.” In talking to my civic association president tonight, I found that apparently the interest expressed on behalf of Weinland Park was 3 or 4 years ago. Were neighbors on W. Broad less mobilized then, or just less interested in security cameras?

  • buckeye212

    …Prevent crimes before they happen?  That’s creepy.

  • coolbuckeye

    (red dots are cameras, blue dots are data collection points) what is the difference?

  • cc

    After you commit the crimes you need to smash the blue dots…

  • botimusPrime

    What an epic failure of our government to protect us and a complete invasion of our privacy. I doubt these cameras will be used for catching violence and more for spying on individuals. SHAME ON YOU MAJOR COLEMAN. YOU LOST MY VOTE NEXT ELECTION! Thanks for making us one more step towards Gattaca!

  • Bring on the cameras, crime-plagued neighborhoods say

    Phillips says he’ll welcome the cameras and hopes for more. So do leaders in other areas where efforts to transform struggling neighborhoods collide daily with violence, drugs, prostitution or some combination of the three.


  • I welcome the Cameras in our area.  The  Cameras will be another
    tool, in additional to our Block watch, and Citizen patrols in helping to reduce crime  in our  community.

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  • Security Cameras Installed In Hilltop Area
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  • It’s not just about recording evidence. If the dispatch officer can get an immediate live picture of what’s going when it takes the police a few minutes to get there that can make a big difference in helping the police respond more effectively.

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