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First Look: The Pearl

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: The Pearl
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Hotly anticipated Cameron Mitchell restaurant The Pearl will officially open its doors at 641 North High Street next Tuesday, February 5th. In the final days leading up to the grand opening, the restaurant is hosting regular private events so that staff can work through any last minute kinks.

We stopped by last night to check out the restaurant decor, the barrel-aged liquor selection and the front row seats at the oyster bar. CLICK HERE to read an indepth interview with Cameron Mitchell, or CLICK HERE to find out more about The Pearl’s menu from Executive Chef Peter Chapman.

A photo tour of the new space can be found below.

More information can be found online at www.thepearlcolumbus.com.

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  • surber17

    When the Burgundy room closed I was super sad because it was a fun place to go and I wondered what would fill its spot. From the look of this place and the idea its going for … it looks like Columbus upgraded.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Really looking forward to this.

  • Looks really nice in their! I love that big shell coming off the wall.

  • You can tell that they really put a lot of time, attention and money into the details of the space. I’m not sure who did the interior architectural design, but you can tell that they had a very cohesive vision for how everything should look and feel. The split decor between the Oyster Bar (white tile, brighter lights) and the rest of the restaurant (dark wood, amber lighting) should feel like more of a contrast but there’s lots of little things that tie it all together.

    Can’t wait to try some food! ;)

  • CMH614

    C.M. really does a good job with all his restaurants. I’m excited to try it out — although I imagine there will be a long wait the first few weekends!

  • mbeaumont

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to go.

  • surber17

    BTW I love me some oysters!!!

  • meltsintowonder

    The beer selection is actually well done. Good brews and diverse styles.

  • Looks very good! I love seeing all the bottles, plus the infusion locker.

  • ToddAnders

    Most if not all of Cam’s places are designed by Design Collective; good group of people.

  • boomer01

    The Pearl was designed by Knauer, Inc (Chicago, IL).

  • meltsintowonder

    I think Knauer was involved when they redesigned the existing concepts. Look forward to checking out The Pearl.

  • lizless

    I was there for dinner on Saturday night with three other friends and we tried a whole bunch of different things on the menu, we enjoyed the appetizers and oysters the most. The oysters were really clean and large and the server seemed to know a lot about each variety. Good prices and a nice mix of low and high priced items. Oh, and they had really good homemade pies. To drink I had a gin fizz, it was really tasty, came in a mason jar. Great new addition to the area. No remnants of it’s former tenants (Burgundy or K2U), felt like an entirely new space. They removed that staircase when you first walk in that was there before, it feels like a completely different restaurant, much larger than I remembered the space to be. Cam’s definitely got another winner on his hands, it’s a fantastic new addition to his family.

  • bmarie

    The Pearl was amazing. I’ve been to other Cameron Mitchell restaurants but the service we received from the moment we stepped in the door was fantastic. A hostess named Brittany helped me with all of my questions, led me to finding the restroom (instead of just saying around the corner like most would) and led us to our table. The place was packed and it was only 430! Immediately our server Jesse came over and introduced himself and seemed to know the menu quite well even suggesting a plate he said was delicious, and turned out to be that and then some for my grandmother. Our entire meal was delicious and our service was above excellent. Jesse was aware we had a time constraint and although the place was packed, managed to get us everything at just the right timing. He was personable, knowledgable, friendly, outgoing and quite attractive (which just added to his charm) even my grandmothers were commenting on it. We certainly spread the word about our great visit to people we met at the show we were going to and they are excited to go so I hope this gets everyone else excited as well.

    Keep it up and please give thanks to and recognize Brittany, Jesse and the manager (didn’t catch her name but she had blonde hair) for representing the place magnificently!

  • jpizzow

    The Columbus restaurant scene just stepped up another notch with this CM incarnation. Bravo.

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