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First Look: The Market Italian Village

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson First Look: The Market Italian VillageAll photos by Ayana Wilson.
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After months of construction, renovation, and experimentation, The Market Italian Village opens today at the corners of Summit Street and Third Avenue in the Italian Village.

The 2,500 square foot space is simultaneously a butcher, deli counter, bakery, wine shop, café, bar, and a European-style restaurant that serves small plates for lunch and dinner that range from $7-$20.

Guests can enjoy dishes like Duck Pizza, with duck two ways – confit and bacon – fig and red wine jam, brie, arugula, and sumac, or the Cured Green Tomato Salad, finished with smoked tomato coulis on both the market (all day) and bistro (meal time) menus.


The Market Italian Village can seat 78 guests at a time, which includes 24 seats on the patio. The layout is fresh, functional, and open; not a trace of the old corner store remains, replaced by a multi-purpose market that caters to its community of families, young professionals, foodies.

The Market Italian Village is open Sunday-Thursday, 7am – 11pm, and Friday-Saturday, 7am – 1am. For a longer look at the services they offer, visit  www.facebook.com/MarketItalianVillage.

Photos by Ayana Wilson.


























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  • CheeseFoodie

    Can’t wait to check it out, super excited for the neighborhood!

  • Looks like no expense was spared in the build out and decor of this place. Anything would have been an improvement over the old run-down corner market, but it looks like The Market decided to go way above and beyond all expectations. Nice job!

  • Mod-dude

    Looks beautiful!!! When you are ready to open your next location, please consider Woodland Park! We are ready for new retail and restaurants over here.

  • Holy cow! That looks amazing.

  • Mike88

    This place is great, been there twice so far.

    I will say it is just a touch on the pricey side for Beer based on my one experience but overall a great addition.

  • tolemac5050

    Time to check this place out!

  • Coy

    Wow. Awesome!

  • aserra

    In general, it is “ok” – food is a little pricey as is the coffee. Not much of a selection in the actual market part. If you are in a pinch it would be Ok. Lunch of a macchiato, the turkey sandwich (least expensive on the short menu) set me back $18 (that included a 10% ahead-of-service tip).

  • Snarf

    What in the hell is an “ahead of service” tip?

    • Graybeak

      My guess would be putting 2 bucks in the bucket on the counter when you order.

  • surber17

    Went for lunch today. Food and atmosphere was great! Perfect build out. Might need to figure out how to make the pizzas a bit quicker in the future.

  • erikbobbitt

    Stopped by a few times now because it’s around the corner. Definitely a cool spot, but a little… hipster bourgeoisie, maybe? I get the fancy/casual vibe, but I would have been so excited to have a spot around the corner that I would have felt comfortable dropping in for breakfast/lunch two or three times a week. Unfortunately this price point prohibits that.

    You know how Juno was simultaneously a great success… and also a movie that sort of got tired because it shamelessly based its existance on so many indie tropes (look, she’s got a hamburger phone! And a quirky mom!)? This place kind of game me the same vibe, but with hipster-dom. Look, they’ve got pour-over (even though our particular barista wasn’t entirely trained)! And check out these funky menus!

    Honestly, it really is a cool and delicious place… but has it jumped the shark on hipster-asthetic?

  • My girlfriend and I were blown away by this joint. I’ve always got on a soap box about how these small communities like Italian village should have their own corner grocery store. This is a brilliant idea to have a restaurant double as a small, dare I say pop up like, grocery store. Prices weren’t outrageous or your typical cooking necessities either. I’d love for 5xNW to get something similar now that Rife’s is gone. Going to the Market District can be a headache.

    Anyway, we’ll def be back to try out the food but the style and design of The Market is impressive and I applaud them.

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