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First Look: The Hills Market Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: The Hills Market Downtown
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The Hills Market hosted a private reception this afternoon to celebrate their new Downtown location at 95 North Grant Avenue. The new store officially opens on March 19th, though a soft opening is in effect starting tomorrow, allowing shoppers to purchase any products for sale throughout the store and provide feedback on their experience.

Photos from this afternoon’s reception can be found below.

More information can be found online at TheHillsMarket.com or www.facebook.com/hillsmarketdowntown.

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  • surber17

    This setup looks better than the worthington store

  • mrpoppinzs

    from the message board:

    Soft opening is Thursday. Training a new staff. Let us practice on you. 7 a.m. Mention CU on the 14th and we’ll give you a cup of Silver Bridge coffee.

  • susank

    I won’t be buying cereal there ($6 for cinnamon life?), but the store looks really nice. I am sure to check out the fresh ohio foods!

  • A few quick first impressions:

    • Bright layout with lots of natural light (take that for granted in grocery stores sometimes).

    • Great produce displays, awesome prepared food section, lots of Ohio-centric endcaps.

    • Super narrow “New York Style” aisles that could be a little tough to squeeze by someone, but give the store more product and inventory space for the smaller format.

    • Nice wine & beer selection, large cheese selection, and amazing looking seafood.

  • KarmenD

    HOLY MOLY I am sooooo geeked about this!!!!

    What time can I hit this soft opening and what time will they make me leave?

  • jpizzow

    Holy cow those are thin isles!! Might cause a few end to end isle stairdowns :P. Excited to check this out next week. Looks great.

  • bucki12

    Hoping there is one way traffic in those aisles. I hope they are still open after work tomorrow.

  • buckette13

    I am trying to judge the inside space from the pictures. Would you say it is similar in size to a Walgreens? I like all the windows!

  • mbeaumont

    We just got back from the event and we were really impressed. The store is gorgeous and the selection is really perfect for the size and local. I can see myself stopping by at least 2-3 times a week.

    All of the local products are really great to see and par for the course for Hills, but much appreciated for downtown.

    All in all, I don’t think you can underestimate what this store means for the rebirth of downtown Columbus. It’s a landmark moment, and I couldn’t be happier that our first true downtown full service grocer is Hills.

  • @susank – Certainly, some items are “convenience priced”. Other items seemed much more competitive, and the selection of local Ohio-made goods is pretty stellar.

    @buckette – It’s 12,000 square feet. So maybe a very large convenience store size? Bigger than your average Walgreens for sure.

  • @KarmenD I was told today doors open at 7am tomorrow.

    The deli/meat/cheese sections looked so tasty. Looking forward to stop in for lunch fixings!

  • Love that custom Backroom Coffee Roasters display!
    Store looks great, can’t wait to stop in!

  • RhondaH

    My friends at CCAD are going to love this. I can’t read the labels but is the produce all organic? I love the little cafes that most grocery stores are sprouting, can’t wait to visit this for lunch and a quick shop up.

  • cbus11

    Reminds me of the little health food grocery I liked to shop at next to Nong’s on Northwest Blvd in Upper Arlington. I believe that eventually morphed into the Whole Food’s on Lane. I really like these small local groceries. They are like the ‘Cheer’s’ of the grocery business. It is good news for those wanting to live a certain lifestyle downtown.

  • johnnycols

    I give it a year.

  • Twixlen

    Nearly allow the produce is organic at this Hills…. And they have gorgeous dandelion greens right now, which makes me happy.

  • MichaelC

    Terrific start. Time to shop and keep building this part of Downtown around it.

    My favorite part of last night was meeting the baker behind Destination Donuts, who had prepared a batch of butterscotch donuts. Butterscotch is my favorite thing ever of all time. And this donut didn’t disappoint.

    Nor did the store.

    Looking forward to watching this place flourish.

  • surber17

    the property value of Neighborhood Launch just went up with this opening.

  • mrmann

    Probably a little pricey for regular shopping but I can see picking up a lunch or interesting item there once in awhile. It is good to have a higher end specialty grocery to serve the needs of the professionals living downtown. Having diverse tiers of retail is important imho

  • FoodFort

    Great place for beer, wine, specialty and hard to find items, Destination Donuts, a quick lunch, crepes and on occasion food trucks and food carts.

  • Stopped in this morning. I love the feel of this store. And I LOVE that they do NOT have any U-Scans. :)

  • mrsgeedeck

    I stopped in for lunch today and I love it! They utilized their space well, and while the isles are a little tight it reenforces the benefits of shopping the perimeter of the store. Good mix of local products and chain brands for a nice variety. Their fresh meat and fish looked amazing in the case, and the salad bar was super clean and the items well prepared. Great addition to the area!

  • This is so awesome I am excited to check it out.
    I will admit that I always thought Hill’s was overpriced on inner isle foods like cereal, canned, etc.
    However, looking past the prices I have learned that while it may be a little higher it is because you do not shop at Hill’s for those things you shop there for the produce and specialty items. That is where they shine this is a great downtown option …

  • enigmaco

    Checked out the store today it’s not for me, a lot of things priced much higher than they should be. The only things that I would come back for is the pie and the der dutchmen donuts which is very hard to find unless you make the trip to plain city.

  • John McCollum

    Super excited about the wine and cheese selections. Great job, Hillspersons.

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