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First Look: The El Camino Inn Opens This Weekend

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: The El Camino Inn Opens This Weekend
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Welcome to your new favorite Downtown bar. The El Camino Inn, located at 238 South Fourth Street (next door to sister-establishment Little Palace), opens for business tomorrow. This new venue has been described as a 70s-era San Diego style tex-mex dive bar. The drink menu features house-made margaritas and a selection of tequila, while the food menu keeps it simple with tacos, burritos, gorditas and tostadas. And don’t forget the baskets of chips and salsa.

There’s no exterior signage mounted at the entrance to El Camino, so the venue may feel somewhat underground at first. Don’t expect that to last long once the word gets out though. There’s a limited amount of space to be found here (similar to Dirty Frank’s down the street) so you might find yourself waiting in line for a drink if you don’t hurry.

More preview photos can be found below.

More info about the establishment can be found on their Facebook page.

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  • readysetdisco

    when i think of el caminos, the 70s, san diego, and tex-mex, i see yellows, dimly lit, dark woods, and slightly dirty. like a scene from a robert rodriguez movie. this seems to be the exact opposite. still looking forward to checking it out, but definitely surprised.

    any word on decent vegetarian options?

  • cheap

    do they have an el camino parked out front?

  • mrpoppinzs

    Could be fun if it is not too expensive. Looks like they ripped the menu off of a food truck. Will definitely give it a try despite:

    ‘Welcome to your new favorite Downtown bar’

    …only Corinthian leather can save this.

  • Nitsud Regnifloh

    Looks great! I am looking forward to hitting this place up. If I don’t like it, I’ll just head next door…

    And, as for the menu, sounds good. Ya know, I always thought food trucks ripped their menu off of La Michoacanas…

  • Snarf

    Inspired > “ripped off”

  • Ezmerelda74

    So, curious about their hours? Is this going to be an after work hangout, or my next lunch spot?

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