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First Look: Rehab Tavern

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Rehab Tavern is a new bar in Franklinton, located just west of Downtown Columbus at 458 West Town Street. Rehab features historic salvaged architectural elements, a beer-centric drink menu, walls covered with local artwork, and an environment welcoming to anyone who’s a fan of dive bars. Photos of the new venue can be found below.

CLICK HERE to read more about the reconstruction behind The Rehab Tavern.

More information can be found online at www.rehabtavern.com.

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  • Wootie

    Looks kick ass!!!

  • JimSweeney

    holy crap. This is so much better than we could have hoped for!

  • It looks like the perfect neighborhood bar for the type of person who is a construction contractor, neighborhood pioneer and local art enthusiast!

  • stephentszuter

    Not a fan of the sign, but this inside looks fantastic! Definitely a good fit for the neighborhood.

    I hope this place does well.

    I think my brother and I are going to spend our Saturday day drinking here… :) :)

  • dehayst

    The banner was one of those “lets get something up this afternoon for the Red White and Boom traffic, anything will do” sort of things. Something a little more permanent is in the works…

    on another note… Artist Kevin Bickle has done an amazing job on the interior decor, walls, bar, bathrooms… you name it.

  • Looks great! Are there plans for regular live music or just occasional? I didn’t see a stage or anything so I assume it’s occasional, either way looks great!

  • superglue

    oh yeah im definitely checking this out. great concept and love that its in an up and coming neighborhood that’s out of the way of the usual haunts (high street). yay!

  • readysetdisco

    happy that banner is coming down. everything else looks great! can’t wait to bike down to franklinton for a couple pints.

  • stephentszuter

    @dehayst Awesome. Seriously excited about this place. ;)

  • dehayst

    @efilsitra juke box plays on surround throughout including patio. There is an area wired up for entertainment though, but it will be occasional. Open to people wanting to play.

  • heresthecasey

    Looks great! Not sure if you’re renting or own the property, but are there any plans for the second floor of the building?

  • dehayst

    @heresthecasey – No current plans for the second floor. At least nothing that could really justify the expense of the renovation to make it livable. It’s pretty mangled up there right now. You looking for a place? How about a bar loft with a fire pole into the bar?

  • heresthecasey

    @dehayst Best of luck with everything! I think a ‘bar loft’ would be an extremely popular option if you guys could get the numbers to work out!

  • 2nd floor darts and pool lounge?

  • ricospaz

    I went to this place on Friday night for a comedy show. Beautiful bar! Big patio too, looking forward to checking it out in warmer weather. Plenty on parking around there. Really nice bartenders too. I’ll be back!

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