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First Look: Fox in the Snow Café in Italian Village

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: Fox in the Snow Café in Italian VillagePhotos by Walker Evans.
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The Fox in the Snow Café hosted a soft opening this past weekend at 1031 North Fourth Street in the heart of Italian Village. Owners Jeff Excell and Lauren Culley said that the friends-and-family event went well, and that they ended up selling out of everything early. They owners took yesterday off to recoup and opened this morning at 7am as their official first day in business.

“We got some of the kinks worked out, and now we need to find out what our regular weekly customer traffic flow will be like,” said Excell. “We were surprised to see our coffee and pastry sales split almost perfectly down the middle 50/50.”

Excell says that the business is in the process of applying for a beer and wine license to serve evening customers looking for more than just coffee, and may add a lunch sandwich offering to the menu if customers ask for it.

“We’re still in our experimental phase, so we’ll remove things that people don’t like and add more things that they’re asking for,” he added. “But we’ve got a great staff and the coffee community has been really supportive, so we’re excited to be open.”

Fox in the Snow Café is currently open 7am to 5pm, Tuesday through Friday and 8am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/foxinthesnowcafe.

For ongoing discussion on The Fox in the Snow, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

All photos by Walker Evans.







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  • Those filled donuts were oh so good!!

    • +1 to that!

      Not overly sweet. More like a custard-filling. Good stuff!

  • ccharles

    Stopped here this morning to buy a sampler of items for work and everything was Delicious. Will be back for sure.

  • mikeonabike

    Great coffee and really cool space. No wifi, though. I’m totally fine with that if they feel it detracts from the atmosphere. Just a heads up.

  • Chester999

    I really like being able to see into the baking area.

  • Took a group of friends there this past Sunday. It was packed at around 11. We were lucky enough to grab a table. The simplistic decor is great. Food and coffee were done nicely. Everything appears to be baked on site which is cool. Tons of lighting. I can just see them putting a few more tables in to accommodate the crowd.

    Nice addition to the neighborhood!

    • Keep your eyes peeled for a patio in the spring. ;)

  • Oh yeah, order their affogato. It’s simply amazing!

  • Alex Ward

    Amazing place! The one male cook is simply amazing! His hands are those of a true God. There is heart baked into every bite. There is no other place I would rather go to to get my coffee and pastry fix.

    Do yourself and your taste buds a favor and GO HERE


  • Bluehouse1065

    We were a bit put off by the pretentious hipster name, but they did a beautiful job on the decor, and the coffee and scone we tried were both delicious. The people behind the counter were nice in a completely sincere and unforced way (unlike some coffee chains!) – I hope they stick to their guns on the no-wifi.

    The husband and I are very happy to have this place right around the corner!

  • mbeaumont

    Wonderful food, coffee, people and space. And also: a really wonderful name. It’s sad that some people think of that name being a “pretentious hipster” name. Fox in the Snow is a beautiful image and a great song by a great band.

    People in Columbus need to get over thinking any place with well thought out branding as being “hipster”. They’re just smart.

  • Great people! Great space! Great coffee! Great addition to the neighborhood!

    Kudos to Jeff, Lauren, & the team :)

  • Eric

    This new café sounds great, and I look forward to visiting very soon. This neighborhood seems to be making great progress lately, with Fox in the Snow, Cravings, and Market Italian Village. I suspect there’s more than I know of and more coming. All very handy for Fireproof Building residents who will soon arrive.

    By the way, just curious, why are some folks opposed to Wi-Fi? To me, it seems that anyone working on a computer is quiet and entirely non-obtrusive. And, in reality, folks can work on their computers anyway, either via satellite or another connection or without internet. How does it detract from the atmosphere? The resistance puzzles me.

    Also, let me not forget… Congratulations to Jeff and Lauren! Best wishes for success!

    • I always thought the no wifi rule was enforced in places to prevent people from camping out all day and taking up 2+ seats with a laptop and gear. Some smaller cafes have pretty limited seating, and when a handful of people are spending 4 hours in one spot off a $4 coffee purchase, it makes it hard to turn tables and keep the customer flow moving.

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