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First Look: Dirty Frank’s Westgate

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson First Look: Dirty Frank’s Westgate
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The Westgate community welcomed its newest neighbors to town last night with a packed house. Dirty Frank’s Westgate, located at 2836 West Broad Street, officially opened for business yesterday evening, and the event brought most residents and supporters out in droves.

The new store is 2,500 square feet, and can easily seat more than twice the number of customers as the original shoppe. There are 2 distinct rooms – a bar area and dining room – decorated in the signature kitsch that’s become the calling card of Liz Lessner’s CFL restaurants.

The menu is much the same, with a few exceptions. A contest to create a specialty dog that would be exclusive to this store was won by Mari Ann Futty, co-founder of the Westgate Neighbors Association. Mari Ann’s Westgate Dog is customer’s choice of meat or vegetarian frank, topped with bar cheese, brown mustard, pretzel bites, and cheddar cheese.

Dirty Frank’s Westgate is open daily from 5pm – 11pm as they figure out what works. Lunch hours should be added soon. For more, visit www.dirtyfrankscolumbus.com.

Photos by Ayana Wilson.

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  • Twixlen

    I went today – got there early, and had no trouble getting a place at the bar. By 6:30, all of the tables were full, and most of the bar stools.

    Thrilling to see it open, to eat there, and to know I can walk there. FINALLY, FINALLY.

    The place looks fabulous, fyi, and the staff is hyped up. The best.

  • GCrites80s

    Diggin’ the Judas Priest painting in pic #3!

  • The new location looks *Awesome*. Really wanted to make it in there with the family on Monday night, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized it would probably be slammed and a tough night out for our sometimes impatient little people. ;)

    Look forward to checking it out soon!

  • Eugene_C

    It’s a big place. How is the service time, can the kitchen keep up?

  • drtom1234

    I thought I’d heard that in addition to the great variety of hotdogs, that they might have italian beef on the menu. Any word on that?

  • Twixlen

    There is a bratwurst that is *delicious* and Polish Sausage – in addition to the regular, Jumbo all beef, & veg. All can be ordered steamed, “ripped” (fried), “charred” (split & grilled – highly recommend for the bratwurst!), or bacon wrapped.

    So happy.

  • Graybeak


    My brain just blew a gasket.

  • We went tonight, got there at 5PM and with four of us were seated right away. 40 minutes later, there was a line out the door and people stacked inside waiting, too. The food is just like what is offered downtown, so I can’t really say anything about that (which is to say it was all great). BUT, the kitchen was clearly slammed. Our food took a long time (each round longer than the previous). Someone at our table ordered funnel fries for dessert and when they finally showed up about 35 minutes later, our server said they were skimpy and took so long they were on the house. And, this part is really strange, but our server had REALLY bad B.O. Quite possible the kitchen was just crazy hot or something, but it was really offputting.

    Having said all of that – we’ll totally go back. We know that the service will tighten up, and we could see the GOOD service we all expect of a Lessner restaurant in how they comped the funnel fries because they were so late.

    Two of the friends we were dining with live within walking distance of Dirty Franks. They are VERY excited to have it open. One has been there twice already and plans to eat there once a week just to show her support for more local restaurants to move in. And it seemed to me that the line out the door is evidence that the area could use a few more quality options.

  • Knuckle

    Great food

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