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First Look: Denmark and The Secret Cellar

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: Denmark and The Secret CellarPhotos by Walker Evans.
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Denmark on High officially opens their doors this Friday, March 14th, but we were able to stop in tonight for a sneak peek at the new space during a prelaunch event. Upon entering (the door is to the right of the Bareburger entrance on the ground floor), you encounter a stairwell pointing you upstairs to Denmark or downstairs to the Secret Cellar.

The Secret Cellar can best be described as a cozy upscale convenience store featuring beer, wine and other beverages as well as locally sourced snacks, coffee and more.

Up above on the second floor, Denmark looks out onto High Street with large floor-to-ceiling windows and a comfortable lounge environment that managing parter Daniel Morris describes as a place for suit-and-tie attire as well as shorts and flip flops.

For more details on the decor, the cocktail and small plate menu, and everything else, CLICK HERE to read our detailed article on the new venues.

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  • gmcsoccer

    looks great!

  • SteveKZ087

    I am so excited for both of these spots – and the fact that they’re within walking distance of my place!! Can’t wait to head over there.

  • I really hope the Secret Cellar isn’t too much of a secret. Being located in the basement without much in the way of signage (yet) it seems difficult to accidentally stumble upon. It’s great to have such a cool convenience-store type concept, but it needs to be convenient enough for people to find. ;)

    Can’t wait to go back again to Denmark for more drinks and to try some food!

  • mellotron

    They nailed it (the cocktails).

    Poorly made classic cocktails are REALLY common – Manhattans without bitters, shaken, served on the rocks, radioactive cherries, served in Martini glasses, etc, etc, etc.

    Happy to find that Denmark prepared my Sazerac expertly – a boozy drink sometimes challenging to balance. This is a very strong signal to me that the people running the show know what they are doing. The Rob Roy with Laphroig was equally excellent (although I prefer the 4oz coupes that Mouton and Curio use). It’s a little unwieldy in larger glasses.

    The interior is very nice, maybe too bright?. I think they could dial down the lights by ~20% which would better match the atmosphere at Mouton and Curio.

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