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Final Phase of Columbus Recycling Program Rolling Out

Walker Evans Walker Evans Final Phase of Columbus Recycling Program Rolling Out
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Columbus City Councilmember Eileen Paley kicked off the fifth and final implementation phase of RecyColumbus this morning, signaling the completed rollout of the city-wide residential recycling program.

“Columbus residents have enthusiastically embraced recycling in every neighborhood where it has been implemented,” said Mayor Michael Coleman.

Columbus residents in the following list of areas will receive their new blue recycling bins between Deecmber 10th and January 12th:

  • Far Northeast side east of I-270
  • Krumm Park (East Columbus Gateway)
  • Milo-Grogan neighborhood east of I-71
  • Near East side north of East Broad street between I-71 and Columbus-Bexley border
  • North Linden and South Linden
  • Northeast side
  • Northland area south of S.R. 161 and east of I-71

The bi-weekly recycling collection service will begin for this phase on Friday, February 1st and will alternate each week with existing yard waste pickup service. Collection service for phase four begins today.

“For years, residents had voiced strong support for a City sponsored residential recycling program,” said Councilmember Paley. “The participation in Columbus neighborhoods proves families understand the need to protect the environment and lower waste disposal costs for the City.”

With the completion of the implementation of recycling collection services, RecyColumbus will service approxmiately 215,000 households throughout the city. Since June 2012, over 7,500 tons of recycable materials have been collected, saving the City of Columbus nearly $419,000 in tipping fees at the Franklin County landfill.

More information about the program can be found online at www.RecycleColumbus.org.

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  • dscottS3

    Glad to hear the rollout is fully implemented. However, remembering to pull the bin out every two weeks is going to rough for me. I have a hard time with the trash! I’m glad there is a reminder service for trash (http://trash.cityofcolumb.us) – wonder how long it will take for the service to remind me to pull out my recycling also!

  • Stephen43215

    Does anyone know if apartment buildings get the recycle bins also? I live in a large apt buiding north of broad. I recycle now but have to put it in my car and drop it off.

  • futureman

    Apartments with four units or less will get recycling bins.

  • Stephen43215

    GRRRRR whats up with that? I guess we dont count!

  • I think it’s up to the large apartment buildings to provide trash/recycling services.

    Could you imagine 100 recycling bins out on the sidewalk next to the new 7-story LC development? And another 100 individual trash cans? Large apartments are best served with dumpsters or some other solution.

  • Stephen43215

    I wonder if the city will come up with something for larger apartment buildings further down the road? maybe large recycle dumpsters next to the trash bins. I can see the new buildings putting in recycle shoots but Im in a 1920’s building. I would like to have the convenience that my neighbors have.

  • Stephen43215

    I think we have 58 units in our building.

  • erinmcguire

    While I appreciate this initiative very much, it is a total nightmare in my book. I own a 4-unit building on North Campus and already have four garbage cans on a cement pad and having an addtional FOUR cans to fit on my tiny property is a real pain. I wish they would have given owners of multi-family properties some choice in how many we needed. My buiding would have been great with two, tops. I believe there is a six-month waiting period before they’ll take any back, fyi.

  • RedStorm

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall SWACO exploring the idea of a way to separate recyclables from trash. Basically you take all the trash on the way to the landfill and filter out what’s recyclable. I don’t know if that was coming or more like a 10 year project. It certainly would do the job for those too lazy or for those in large complexes who only have a community dumpster.

  • roy

    From the numbers made available, looks like the best the City can do has a base cost of $136.50 per ton to collect selected mixed recyclables, not including the many hidden costs: Salaries and benefits for City staff who oversee the contract and promote the program; the filth-covered, exhaust-spewing Rumpke trucks roaming Columbus streets to pick up an alarmingly low amount of recyclables; and the public cost to provide social safety nets for low paid Rumpke workers (healthcare, supplemental food benefits, daycare etc).

    Despite the fact that the City pays Rumpke for recycling whether residents use it or not, it’s still 100% ok in Columbus to pitch your aluminum cans in the landfill trash. Cities that are serious about landfill diversion enact bans on recyclables in the landfill but Columbus hasn’t done so and doesn’t plan to.

    Columbus’s ‘new’ 1980s era recycling program is better than nothing, I guess. But we can do so much better, best practices are well established and a sharp minded, modern mayor could show real leadership in this neglected area of basic municipal service.

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