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Enter to win $150 prize package to Rave Cinemas!

Anne Evans Anne Evans Enter to win $150 prize package to Rave Cinemas!
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Are you excited about The Hunger Games opening tonight? Anyone going to a midnight showing? Rave Cinemas Polaris has provided us with a sweet prize package – $150 of gift certificates! (They are good for anything you want, not just Hunger Games tickets). We have decided to go all for nothing and there will only be 1 lucky winner! Please comment below with how you would survive if you were chosen as a tribute for the Hunger Games.

One entry per person. All comments must be entered by 3pm today, Thursday, March 22.

The winner may either come to our office or join us at the Happy Hour at Barley’s on High Street from 6p-9p to pick up their prize.  Good Luck!

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  • bucki12

    I would hit up all of the Sunday brunch options in the SN and maybe that $2.99 Cici’s pizza buffet deal. Once I had hit the obesity mark through trial and error I would probably be a ringer at the hunger games. Screw Kobayashi and Joey Chesnut. Of course, I am assuming this picture has something to do with competitive eating.

  • kindroot

    Hide and hope for the best!

  • HollyRae

    Negotiate with the other tributes with Jeni’s ice cream. Seriously, would you rather kill someone or sit back, relax and enjoy a Salty Carmel cone? Yeah. Easy.

  • I’m a wait & see kinda girl… let the big dogs fight it out / take care of each other and then I can sneak in under the radar. Yep – that’s my strategy!!! {otherwise, I’m doomed}.

  • c_beretich

    i would be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon and all the strength of a raging fire and most importantly mysterious as the dark side of the moon. This unbeatable combination of skills would definitely help me survive and win the hunger games.

  • Definitely hiding! I guess I should learn a skill of some sort so I can survive. Might as well start with tree climbing.

  • babit08

    If I were a Hunger Games tribute, I would bone up on my knowledge of poisonous plants/berries. Once the games began, I’d let them duke it out themselves for a couple days while I hid. The survivors would likely be hungry and desperate so I’d start setting poisonous meal traps. Everyone else who has commented about restaurants and hope for the best can try that! I’ll be watching from the sidelines winning! ;P

  • im_macers

    It’s all about REALLY good camouflage and booby traps ( a la The Goonies). Running and hand to hand combat are NOT my strong suits. Either that or learning ventriloquist techniques to misdirect people toward the other competitors. Let them duke it out and I’ll take the prize in the end.

  • Form alliances, set traps, then attack my allies when they are sleeping after everyone else is gone. Oh and definitely run fast! May the odds be ever in MY favor. :)

  • cmoyer33

    Set traps, learn about edible plants and hide. I think hiding is the key.

  • mwood

    I feel like the most appropriate hiding spot would be inside Rave Cinemas.

  • kchrysk

    I saw a post about how if I were the most passive agressive person – I would win! I’ll try that method!

  • Invisibility cloak and a big rock.

  • I am excited to see this movie and I am too cheap to see it at a fancy place like the Rave… so I hope I win!

  • firecrackers

    I would refer to my contraband copy of Battle Royale to get me through…

  • rory

    By being the second cutest because the cutest one always get knocked off first in the movies. But the second cutest and earnest one wins every time. And I would have brown hair. The person with mouse brown hair never dies.

  • tijja

    I think I would do okay physically and be able to hold my own in the arena but do not think I could kill someone. I would have to wait until they attacked me and then it would be self defense but who knows how long I would last with a strategy like that. ;)

  • paktinat

    I would have the other tributes read the 3rd book in the series and they would promptly die of boredom.

  • lzeidner

    Slowly break everyone else down by running through the woods each night blaring old-school Nickleback – and then, if desperate times really call for desperate measures, resort to Creed.

  • Ducki68

    I would use a bow and arrow to make sure I took out the competition and be able to get food. Hiding in trees would also be helpful!

  • MairzyDoats

    I don’t think I could kill people so I would probably burn myself in effigy.

  • DavidF

    I would take down my opponents with my mad Jart skills.

  • tobytoby

    I’m pretty wimpy…I would mostly hide and hope that everyone else took care of each other.

  • I would probably ruthlessly kill all my competition to survive….Jason Vorhees style

  • pannell77

    guerrilla warfare, surprise attacks, traps. nothing conventional.

  • CalebR

    I wouldn’t do harm. Id find a way out of the arena. Kill some players might be an option but id do my best to find an exit and to protect myself.

  • jus10dk

    i’d pack a mini chuck norris in my bag.

  • Merion Village Mama

    I would fly under the radar and pit the female competitors against one another, while seducing the male competitors, so they could all duke it out and leave me to be the VICTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesserlu

    Rely on the into to tae kwon do I took back in college, and try to pass as Bruce Lee’s daughter. Done and done!

  • swallace

    Hiding. Lots and lots of hiding!

  • I volunteer!

  • columbusB

    No alliances. I’d hunt (people) and hide!

  • jhenson

    I would stalk each person and kill them while they were sleeping. I liked the ‘leaving poison berries out’ part too, though.

  • jhenson

    I would stalk each person and kill them while they were sleeping. I like the ‘leaving poison berries out’ part, too–maybe use that tactic?

  • somertimeoh

    Duh, hook up with another tribute. Didn’t you people learn anything?!? :)

  • Esmen

    I’d find water and food, and then hide until one other person was left. Then I’d try to find poison berries or leaves to sneak into their food supply.

  • I would bake Nightlock Berry Pies to feed my competitors.

  • LOL Try to hide like everyone else. Protect, defend, and survive would be my goals. XD

  • gf1203

    Get all the boys to fall in love with me so that they end up killing each other off (except for the boy in my district), and kill all of the girls with my secret venom lip gloss that I smuggled into the arena in my cleavage …duh. Me and winning boy would live happily ever after….

  • AND the LUCKY WINNER is:

    who said:

    “I would have the other tributes read the 3rd book in the series and they would promptly die of boredom.”


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